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Mandi P

Mother of 1 Glendale, Arizona @NoshandNurture

A nutritionist and mom who loves the natural, simple life.


Less is More

easy ways to simplify your life and focus on the things that really matterIf you...

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    Allie F

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    Mom life—hardly ever easy, almost always fun.

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    Anika P

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    Sleep is a luxury 😁

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    Fehmida M


    Love cooking and spending time with my lovely kids

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    Amy Y

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    Mom, Teacher, and Blogger

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    Bethany W

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    Spunky, funny, courageous, and blessed beyond belief.

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    Dani S

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    Music & pizza lover, Badminton balances the pizza :)

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    Gabriella J

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    Mom, coffee lover, foodie, fitness nut

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    Wife, mother, attorney, lover of all things neutral (including pink), ...


Blueberry Pancake Smoothie (dairy free, gluten free, sugar free)

Always trying to find easy breakfasts for our lifestyle and busy life with a toddler, smoothies are ...


Mama, It's OK To Be Tired

“Maybe, it’s OK to be tired right now.”Eight beautiful words my husband said to me when I coll...


Paleo Pumpkin Muffins

Fall in our home is celebrated with three main themes. Family time outside.Many nights of movie...


TTC: Hope In The Waiting

TTC. Three small letters that, for women who have tried to or are trying to conceive, can bring fort...


Thou Shall Not Covet... Another Mother's Tribe

I’m currently working on a few pieces in the vein of comparison sin because I myself have been gui...

Mandi Pimental is first and foremost a wife to her husband of 7 years and mama to their toddler, Greyson. Also a nutritionist and travel journalist, Mandi specializes in helping people find a healthier lifestyle through diet, home care and beauty. Her hobbies include travel, reading, homeschooling and natural living.

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