Editorial Guidelines

Dear Mom,

We are delighted that you have decided to play an active role in building the MomsBeyond online community. It’s thanks to moms like you that we can forge ahead in creating a unique environment for moms to connect, engage and be empowered.

General Guidelines

Our MomsBeyond Magazine aims to offer insightful, creative content covering a wide range of topics - all written by moms. These articles set out to aid, educate and/or entertain our mom community. Top articles are the ones that are informative, easy to read and show an infusion of personality.

Please make sure that the submitted content is not offensive, deceptive, fraudulent, and/or defamatory of any person or otherwise. As well, it should not infringe on any trademark, copyright, or other intellectual property or privacy right of any party or individual. We suggest that topics like religion and politics be avoided.

Article Topics

So, what should you write about? Topics include:

Family life
Health and fitness
Motherhood hacks
Motherhood milestones
Food and Nutrition
Work-life balance

That said, we encourage creativity and diversity in our magazine, so if another appropriate topic comes to your mind, feel free to let us know.

Photographs & Visuals

Articles should be visually appealing in order to catch reader attention. Each article should include a minimum of 1 quality image with a minimum size of 750 pixels wide x 350 pixels high. You're more than welcome to use your own images - as long as they meet our quality requirements. Otherwise, you may choose images from any of these stock photo sites: www.unsplash.com, www.pexels.com, www.stocksnap.io.


Catchy titles attract readers and introduce them to the main message or theme of your piece. Like images, titles should be relevant, creative and attention-grabbing. Here are some examples of catchy titles: “How to: A LunchBox that Rocks”, “Eating Clean, Staying Lean”, “5-Ways to Thrive as a Stay at Home Mom”.

No Promotions

Articles must not be commercial or promotional with respect to any specific product or service. Any suchreferences will be omitted or reworded in general terms. Doing so protects the legitimacy of your article inthe eyes of our readership. Submissions should not include self-promotion, affiliate/promotional links,advertisement, spam, or sales copy. Such submissions will be rejected by our editorial team.


All articles submitted should be original content and exclusively written for MomsBeyond.com. If you would like to publish your MomsBeyond articles on your personal blog, we recommend posting a portion of the article on your blog and directing readers to the full article on MomsBeyond.com.


As a contributor, we ask that you mention that you are a “MomsBeyond Content Contributor” on your blog and/or social media. For example, this statement can be in your bio on your website and/or Instagram account. This is a mutual benefit as it will direct readers to MomsBeyond.com and promotes your content!


All of your submitted content will be linked to your MomsBeyond profile. For this reason, we recommend you keep your profile updated, clean, and full of whatever awesome content you feel represents youruniqueness. This will give readers a positive impression of you and will encourage them to engage with you more.

Acceptance of Terms of Service

When you use the MomsBeyond website, you agree to the MomsBeyond Terms and accept our Privacy Policy.


Please bear in mind, MomsBeyond is not responsible for information published with your articles.The website is intended to facilitate communication between registered MomsBeyond users and the viewsyou express are your sole responsibility. They do not necessarily represent those of MomsBeyond.

Editorial rights

MomsBeyond reserves the right to edit or remove any article or content posted on the platform if deemedinappropriate.

Defamatory posting, inappropriate content or abusive posts are not allowed.

In return for permitting usage of MomsBeyond website, members agree that their contribution:

i. is their own original work and that they have the right to make it available on this website
ii. is not defamatory
iii. does not infringe any applicable law and,
iv. is not abusive
v. can be shared on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc or via email provided it is attributed back to the MomsBeyond website and respect the rights of the original poster such as – any “not to be reproduced” marked disclaimers.

We're here to help

As you embark with us on this extraordinary journey of building an online community, we want to you to rest assure that you will have a dedicated team at your disposal. Have an idea you want to throw at us? Want some feedback on your topic or article? Just want to say “hi”? Reach out to us! Email us at editor@momsbeyond.com

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