3 Celebrities embracing their Pregnant Bikini Bodies

3 Celebrities embracing their Pregnant Bikini Bodies

Summer is in full swing and bikini season is officially upon us. Along with the warm weather, more and more celebrities are showing off their bikini bodies. 

Being pregnant during the summer can be particularly exhausting with the heat and sweating adding to the usual pregnancy discomforts. On top of that, some mothers to be deal with the fear of being left out and feel insecure about showcasing their bodies at the beach. 

Especially in the case of celebrities and models, their bodies are part of their capital and any change is constantly being watched and talked about. However, more and more stars also openly embrace their pregnant bodies and show themselves rocking their baby bumps in a bikini. A pregnant body is beautiful and all mamas-to-be deserve all of the body confidence in this world! 

So here are 3 gorgeous celebrities that are leading the way and showing how it's done this 2019 beach season.

The Australian influencer Belle Lucia shared a photo revealing her third trimester baby bump in a beautiful stringy bikini. The young model is not afraid to share an unedited picture of her pregnant body and is being loud and proud while keeping things real. 

"I know I got a veiny chest. Happens because your blood volume increases by 50% when pregnant and they go away after pregnancy when your blood volume returns.” 

Taking into consideration that Belle Lucia is an Instagram model and her body and looks are a huge part of her brand it is great to see that she is being so open and honest about the natural changes that happen throughout pregnancy. 

Marnie Simpson has also been very confident and open throughout her pregnancy and has uploaded photos of her pregnant bikini body on multiple occasions. In the caption of her latest post the reality TV star and business owner writes: 

"One of things I’ve enjoyed about being pregnant is wearing a bikini and not constantly worrying if my stomach looks flat. Being pregnant gives me the most special reason to have a big belly and I love it." 

The former Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi is rocking her 9 month baby bump in a tiny white bikini and is looking more stunning and radiant than ever. Rossi has been very vocal and positive about her first-time pregnancy on social media and often writes about how much she has enjoyed her journey so far: 

"I have gained 30 pounds during this pregnancy, but I am owning my curves (and bigger breasts) and having fun just embracing it, cause who knows if I will ever have the opportunity to do this again."

On that note, to all women, mothers-to-be and mamas out there: You are beautiful and have every reason to be confident and go out there to show off your bikini body (if that is something you are personally comfortable with). Happy beach season!

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