3 Surprising Things That Drain Your Energy

3 Surprising Things That Drain Your Energy

Ever feel like you just have nothing left to give? Do you feel drained even after sleeping through the night? Is it hard to focus or be present? It can be frustrating to feel like you are dragging or that can't seem to restore the vitality you crave. Interestingly, there might be some not-so-obvious ways your energy is being depleted. As you read, take note as to how these three covert energy suckers might show up in your life.

1. Overthinking

Have you ever heard of analysis paralysis? It is when you spend all your time and energy ruminating on an unsolvable or uncontrollable problem. As this is happening, you feel so overwhelmed by the amount and volume of thoughts that your action becomes immobility.

When we overthink and apply our mental energy to fixing perceived problems all day, we get burnt out and it can feel like the wheels are just spinning with no traction. Expending mental and emotional energy can be just as draining as running a marathon. The antidote is to spend more time in a place of receptivity and gaining knowledge on what you can control vs. what you can't. Yes, this means committing to focusing less on the problems and more on letting go.

2. Caring Too Much About What Others Think

As mamas, we are inundated with opinions from other parents, hypothetical parents, professionals, and providers. Sometimes, the mistake is made of putting those opinions on a pedestal and you forget to listen to your own truth. It can be scary to trust your intuition and beliefs. However, in doing so, we are able to align with truth and our personal values. Aligning with your beliefs, and putting them on an even playing field with others, allows for meaningful discussion instead of adversarial arguments and restores connection. It also energizes you as you are no longer feeling pressure to conform or do something you are not comfortable with. Rather, you feel like you and others can contribute to each other.

It is okay to have different values than others and to co-exist at the same time. You can be graceful in letting comments and opinions from others roll off your heart without absorbing them.

Judgment and comparison are the thieves of joy, yet they are not escapable as they are part of the human condition. The trick is to be aware of your comparisons and the judgments of others and call it out when it is happening. When you become aware, you can shift perspective and your actions. You are no longer a prisoner to the moment, rather you now have control in your responses and what you choose to internalize. The less you internalize that is not yours to own, the greater your energy.

3. You Don't Give Yourself Personal Space

Do you ever feel "touched out"? This happens when your personal physical and emotional space is intruded upon without your permission over and over again. It does not necessarily mean feeling violated. It's more that there is not enough balance between giving and receiving, and to feel energized, we need both. Children tend to not have very many boundaries and we naturally want to give them all our love all the time. However, while your love for them might be endless, your energy is not.

We need to be aware of when our physical space has had too much stimulation and give yourself time and space to take breaks. The breaks help restore your much-needed energy by receiving after a period of giving.

Breaks can come in the form of deep breaths, counting to five, visualizing a protective and nourishing light/bubble, a mama time-out, journaling, going outside and breathing in the fresh air, a shower, brushing your teeth, and so forth. They can be small and only take a few moments, and doing them several times a day can keep your energy levels balanced.

As you walk forward on your mothering path, notice how these 3 aspects play out in your life. Choose how you would like to respond when they are happening and practice consistently. The changes can be small and their impact will be 10-fold. 

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Danielle is a spiritually passionate mama, partner, writer, and psychotherapist. She understands the power of thoughts and emotions on our experiences as women and mothers. She is dedicated to creating sacred space for mothers to change their inner narrative and invite healing into their lives to empower their choices, relationships, and health. She does this through a holistic, powerful, and meaning-making approach that involves innovative intervention and deep inner work. Her writing reflects her strong desire to honor and revere motherhood from its planted roots to its extended branches.

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