4 Tips to Help Avoid Extra Stress This Holiday Season

4 Tips to Help Avoid Extra Stress This Holiday Season
November 29, 2021

The holiday season is here and prior to being a mom, my holiday prep involved buying gifts and my own Christmas outfit. Now, it involves gift buying, house cleaning, home prepping, activity planning, event hosting, decluttering, and many more I won’t get into.

Just listing out the things that need to be done before, during and after the season is overwhelming.

Where does that come from? Those feelings of needing to celebrate everything, buy everything or attend everything?

This year, my toddler is old enough to understand and appreciate the holidays. It’s her first Christmas to communicate her wonder in opening gifts or seeing the lights. And it’ll be the start to the memories she will build and the feeling she’ll associate with the holidays. 

So yes, we want it to be special. 

But when do we draw the line? Here are my 4 tips to help avoid extra stress this holiday season:

1. Breathe: Literally Inhale and Exhale. 

Think about the bigger picture and why you want to do things that you want to do. Is it really important for you to attend the community light show? Is it really important for you to go to the Christmas Market? Why? 

2. Plan: Calendars Are Your Friends

I really encourage calendar planning if your holiday celebrations involve more than 1 person :) Planning is as basic as trying to figure out when your partner is free to attend holiday events you want to go to. Reasons they may not be free? Work, friends, their own holiday traditions, etc.

3. Set Reasonable Expectations

Growing up, I organized most of the get togethers during the holidays for my family and friends. Now,  I have a toddler and her experience of Christmas comes first. Thankfully, most of my friends now also have kids. Unfortunately, we all have young kids, so sometimes our events don't go as planned - and that is expected. Making sure you set reasonable expectations especially during the holidays saves friendships and lives!

4. Lastly, Relax

The holiday season is for celebrating. The best moments are usually when you’re most relaxed. For me, it’s when I’m at home watching Christmas movies with the ones I love. Or even just having dinner with my family. We don’t need to go overboard in planning or hosting. Easy simple events can be the most memorable.

Holidays are stressful but we can try and avoid extra stress by being mindful. Wishing you and your family a happy holiday season!!

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I'm a mom blogger and entrepreneur with a two year old daughter. I love silver linings and I'm passionate about creating community. After the fourth trimester, I resorted to blogging and Instagram to help unpack the stages of becoming/being a mom. In the process, I have met many moms who journey to re-discover themselves after their baby. You can find my blog here at MomsBeyond or on my personal blog.

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