5 Healthy Treats You Should Be Making This Halloween

5 Healthy Treats You Should Be Making This Halloween
October 25, 2018


While it's difficult to encourage healthy eating on Halloween, it's not impossible, especially when better-for-you foods have a fun twist. Try these fun, spooky, and downright tasty treats to get your kids excited about eating healthy this Halloween.



This creepy crawler is a fun and healthy snack activity for kids this Halloween. Made from small plums or large red grapes, these crawlies are naturally sweet and taste delicious.


Wash and dry two plums *small oval plums work best

Cut both plums in half lengthwise *watch for the seed

For the body, use one half plum

For the head, cut one-half plum in half again *It will now be 1/4 of the plum

For the legs, cut the remaining pieces of plum into 8 equal strips



Transform your baby bell peppers into Devils & Jack-O’-Lanterns this Halloween. They’re easy to make and a great way to get your kids excited about eating healthy on Halloween.


Wash and dry mini bell peppers

Using a small and very sharp paring knife, make small cuts into peppers like you would a pumpkin

Use the pieces you've removed to shape ears, horns and/or tails.



Kids love anything on a skewer and this is an easy snack they can get involved with making.


Wash blackberries and cut cantaloupe into bite-size pieces or use a melon baller

Using bamboo or plastic skewers have your kids place the fruit on the skewer in a pattern of their choice. 

*Note: these can be made with ANY orange or black(ish) fruits OR veggies ie. blueberries, oranges, carrots, cheddar cheese, seaweed.



This fresh & sweet or sweet & salty treat is sure to be a huge hit!  It's also a much healthier version than the classic sugary treat.


Fruit Parfait: Fill a parfait glass starting with pineapple, cantaloupe, and apples *make sure to squeeze lemon on top of apples to prevent browning.

Snack Parfait: Fill a parfait glass starting with banana chips, cheese puffs and popcorn (opt for lightly salted)



These monsters are more silly than spooky and are a great way to expose your kids to veggies!


For the body, cut a 2inch slice off of a cucumber

For the mouth, slice a v-shape chunk out of the side of the cumber *making sure not to cut all the way through.

For the tongue, slice a cherry tomato in half and place inside the v-shape opening

Add a candy eye to the top. *You can sub with a cheerio and chocolate chip as well!

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