5 Travel Moms that will give you major Wanderlust

5 Travel Moms that will give you major Wanderlust

Now that the weather is finally warming up and summer is right around the corner, it is time to start daydreaming and planning your ideal family vacation. Whether you are considering to go all out and leave for a full on tropical beach getaway or you prefer to make the most out of the summer at home and enjoy going on little family day trips in your area, fantasizing about your perfect holiday can be a lot of fun. 

And thanks to social media, there are so many sources to draw inspiration from. I personally love looking at photos of moms travelling and living it up with their little ones around all corners of the world, because it goes to show that yes, you can be a travel enthusiast and live your best life all while being a mother at the same time. 

That being said, here are 5 insta travel moms whose accounts are perfect if you are in need of some travel family inspiration. But consider yourself warned, you may catch a travel bug! 

Anna Maria Damm is a German travel and fashion blogger. The young mother often takes her adorable little daughter Eliana on her trips all around the world and I am here for it! This post is from their time in LA and you can already tell that little Eliana got the wanderlust gene from her mom for sure. 

The family of three aka the All Aboard Family from Portugal consists of Catarina, Filipe and their cute son Gui. Together the three of them travel around the world and share their exciting experiences through stunning photographs on their travel Instagram account. This particular shot was taken in Cappadocia, Turkey and transports you right into another magical world. 

The next travel instagram account @lifeandtripsoftheyips stands out because of its beautiful feed with aesthetically pleasing color coordination. I love all the gorgeous flower shots they got on their recent trip to the Netherlands, simply makes me want to spin around in a field of flowers myself! 

The travel-obsessed mom and fashionista Alice Kerley aka @lonestar.looking.glass shares her travel experiences with her daughter and the amazing outfits they share along the way. This photo was taken in the Santa Ynez Valley and I just fell in love with the stunning view of the landscape and that flowy maxi dress. 

This mom travels with her toddler and blogs about sustainable family travel, which I find super interesting and inspiring. Additionally, the colors in her pictures are absolutely breathtaking and scrolling through her feed is such a satisfying experience. 

I hope that you were able to draw some inspiration from those Instagram accounts. Let me know if you have any other travel blogger mommies you are obsessed with or if you blog about family travel yourself, I'd love to discover some new accounts to follow.

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