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7 Simple Tips for Not Gaining this Holiday Season

7 Simple Tips for Not Gaining this Holiday Season
December 13, 2018

Have you already given up?

Feeling like, 

"Its December. So what’s the point? I’ll just eat my face off for 30 days and re-start in January."

While I’ve had this mentality myself before I also know how messed up it is now.

If you’re having these thoughts already I have to tell you... you DO NOT have to deem yourself a failure cause it’s “the holidays.”

I can tell you myself I’m not perfect this time of year (or EVER #letsbehonest) and neither are my clients. We focus on progress not perfection.

However, we still manage to feel better, maintain results and not gain 20 lbs this time of year. 


Here’s some simple tips I’ll share with you to help you EASILY maintain your weight over the next month but ultimately just FEEL better this time of year.

  • Lose the all or nothing mindset. You DO NOT I repeat DO NOT have to be perfect during the holidays (or ever). The problem with the diet industry is that they’ve told us we have to be perfect or we’re failing but it’s just not true. Consistency is key. You can eat normal foods on a Tuesday in December and then have some Christmas cookies on Friday and still see results.

  • When was the last time you ACTUALLY stuck to a new year’s resolution #never. So why put yourself on the hamster wheel again. Start living in moderation now. Stick with eating Whole Foods now and then when you do want to indulge you can do it guilt free.

  • Indulge when its worth it and pass when its not. I mean lets be honest, those donuts your co-worker brought in were stale and cold. I know when I indulge I want it to be epic and TOTALLY worth it… I’m talking total triple fudge home made brownie pie worth it #justmadethatupbutitsoundsepic

  • Drink more water! You need to be hydrating your body especially if you’re going to be drinking more alcohol and/or indulging more. Rule of thumb, drink half your body weight in ounces of water (its not as hard as it sounds). 

  • Exercise daily! Go for a walk, chase your kids around in the backyard, do squats while your cookies are baking, go for a run… Make it a priority not because you’re trying to lose weight but because you’re going to FEEL so much better!

  • Pay attention to portions. You don’t have to have a colossal sized portion of ERRRYTHING at the party. Have a small taste of whatever looks good and try sticking to balanced meals - pick a protein, carb and veggie. Then if you’re still hungry get a little more until you’re 80% full so you can leave room for dessert IF you want it.

  • Have a glass of wine. Maybe even two but stop there. Waking up with a hangover is never a good feeling for you or your fam. Drink responsibly not because you want to lose inches but because it’s what is best for your body and your family. 

Which one of these tips are you going to implement this month?

Comment and let me know!



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Jackie is a mom of 2 little girls and a health + fitness coach. She helps moms new moms navigate postpartum life to become more balanced + healthy amidst the chaos through whole foods, flexible nutrition + home workouts. She has a passion for working with with breastfeeding moms to help them achieve weight loss goals while increasing milk supply. When she's not training her fellow mamas you can find her traveling, spending time with her girls or at her favorite Mexican restaurant :) She's currently living overseas in Lithuania while her husband pursues his pro-athletic career but their home base is Phoenix, AZ.

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