A Mother's Voice

A Mother's Voice
November 15, 2018

Some of my favorite books are written by people with no letters after their names.

Parenting books.

Childbirth books.

Homeschooling books.

Organization books.

Their qualifications come not from universities or trainings, but from reading and life experience.

A sleep-training book written by a mother of five children who all sleep through the night holds more water for me than a book from a leading pediatrician. I’ve read both.

Listening to a podcast from a homeschooling mother who lived to tell the tale has had a bigger impact on my kids’ education than the hundreds of hours I’ve invested in researching national standards and teaching methods or even reading and implementing curriculum. Do I do all of the above? You bet.

Love you, doctors. Admire you, educators. Thank you for being there. Your work is vital and influential. Your sacrifices and contributions are tremendous and needful and not to be discounted. But right now, I just need another woman who can smile and cry with me and say, “Me too. It gets better.”

And it does.

So I’ll be that woman for you, if you need me. We all have a seat at this table. We are the village.

Let’s come out of hiding. You and me, and the women you walk beside in your day-to-day. So much wisdom. So much love. So much truth.

The only way to find your voice is to use it. Inside the walls of your home, oh yes. But don’t forget to speak up outside. Someone needs to find you. Your voice is worth hearing. One ounce of bravery is enough.

The only credential you need is "mom."

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My goals as written on my fifth grade report card are as follows:
I want to be a writer when I grow up.
Get better at the piano.
Learn a foreign language so I can travel to Europe when I get older.
As a homeschooling mother of four with a B.A. in English and seventeen years running a private music teaching studio, I have reached all those goals—but not yet plumbed their depths to my satisfaction.
I spend my days making messes, music, and magic with my kids. I spend my evenings writing about it. I aim
to help other parents see that they are equal to the task.

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