A Reminder Of Self-Care To Moms

A Reminder Of Self-Care To Moms
October 09, 2018

Mamas, it's been a rough two weeks around here in my home.

Long story short, Liam has been fighting what I thought was a tiny cold but it turned into an ear infection ( And hubby is now sick too.). He's been a trooper but super clingy, understandably. And that's ok! But I've become irritable, sleep-deprived, and unhealthy in this chaotic period of time. 

I'm sure you can all relate to the crazy days when you make hot coffee to drink it cold and you realize at 9:00pm that your dinner is still in the microwave, oops! 

That's been me. Making sure Liam, my husband, and my home are taken care of but forgetting about me. 

After a few days of taking care of everyone but myself, I reached my tipping point. With a cranky, sick 2.5 year old pulling and tugging at me in every way possible, I broke down. I mentally, and physically, couldn't take it any longer. 

I've been depriving my body of the basic needs for survival and I started feeling it: fatigue, headaches, and irritability. 

I’m sharing my mommy meltdown, in hopes, to remind you of you. In moments, days, and weeks that we take care of everyone else, we need to take care of ourselves first.  Love and nourish yourself, even if it means turning on the TV to distract your little ones so you can have your dinner. 

It doesn’t make us selfish. It gives us even more strength to be there for our families for as long as we can, healthy and happily. 

Hope you all have a happy, healthy week ahead. 

Love, Amy 

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Hey Mamas! I'm Amy, blogger and mom boss at Amy with a Twist. I'm a 30 year-old stay-at-home mom, to two-year old Liam, with an intense passion to empower women through motherhood and education. I graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor's in Elementary Education and a Master's in Reading Education plus an ESOL endorsement. After battling the entirety of my pregnancy with Hyperemesis Gravidarum and feeling isolated as a first-time mom, I'm on a mission to inspire and unify my readers to embrace their unique journey through motherhood and life.

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