A Valentine to My Toddler

A Valentine to My Toddler
February 27, 2020

To My Little Valentine,

I know that this Valentine's Day will be my favorite one yet! This year, you are a walking talking, toddler! And at this moment, these are just some of the many things I love about you:

I love your bravery 

Each day, you are faced with countless things that are new or difficult to you and each day, you determinedly try to figure those things out. Thank you for being an inspiration as you tackle unknown obstacles head-on.

I love your curiosity 

Thank you for being my constant reminder to look at things in a new way or from a different perspective, and to never become complacent or bored with all the beauty in life.

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

I love your resiliency 

You are told countless times every day, by multiple people, what you can't do, touch, eat, etc. You take it in stride and go with the flow. It might be easier to get discouraged, but it's more fun to keep pushing forward! Thank you for being my daily reminder of that.

I love your sense of humour  

Your comedic timing is practically an art form! Thank you for always helping me to see the humor in even the small things, and reminding me to never take myself too seriously. It's so much more fun to be silly!

I love your personality, which I have the pleasure of getting to see more of each and every day

Thank you for being my daily reminder that there is nothing more freeing than being your true, authentic self.

Photo by Anna Pritchard on Unsplash

I love how you love 

The best part of my day is walking in the door to the loudest "MAMA!" accompanied by the biggest, squishiest, wiggliest hug. Your little breaks from playing to give impromptu hugs and kisses are the most treasured little gifts. Thank you for loving me, and allowing me to kiss you too many times every single day.

I love what you've taught me

You've only been in my life for two short years, but already you've shaped me into a more patient, selfless, active person.  Thank you for pushing me to be the best version of myself.

I love your adaptiveness

Things change day to day and from your perspective, it's probably hard to understand why. Sometimes you're expected to sleep in your own bed, while others I bring you in to sleep with me and Daddy. Thank you for accepting everything in stride with willingness and patience.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

I love your imagination

The world through your eyes is amazing! Thank you for restoring my child at heart and inviting me along on your imaginary adventures!

I love your athletic prowess

It must take so much energy and vigor to climb those stairs, to put all those toys away, and to chase Daddy around the kitchen. You are so strong and so fast!  Thank you for always keeping up with the biggest demands that are put on you.

I love how you've given everything in my life a greater significance

Our house became a home as soon as we brought you into it. I get to watch my husband be the best Daddy to you each day.  I wake up every day grateful for my life, simply because you're in it. Thank you for being my world.

Infinite Love,


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