An Open Letter to My Mixed Daughter

An Open Letter to My Mixed Daughter

My sweet little baby,

I don't know exactly how to say the things I need to say, but I'm going to try my hardest because these are things you need to know, growing up in this era and in these times.

You are half black and you are half white. This means you have a very special heritage - you are part French and Scottish and part African American. You have roots that go back to the Mayflower, but you also have deep ties to slavery.

Instead of the general population seeing someone with a rich, cultural past, they will see one thing: skin color. They will see your super curly hair and your tinted complexion.

And likely, you will be judged for it immediately. Mostly, the judgments they pass won't be negative, but I cannot guarantee that you won't be singled out and excluded from games or events or parties because you're "black".

And I'm so sorry.

But I know you're strong, and that these experiences will give you an opportunity to learn this: those that would exclude you for your skin color are not worthy of your attention.

Those that would choose to treat you differently because of your genetics are not your friends.

Baby girl, your strength comes from the Lord. And it comes from this family. Above all things, I want you to take advantage of the love Jesus has given you - rest in it. Relax in it. Know that God doesn't give a flip what you look like, or who your father is or who your mother is. All He cares about is that you love Him and you are an example and a light for Him every single day.

Something else I really want you to know: when you decide to call yourself black one day, because that day will likely come because you decide to own your past and your heritage, you aren't offending me. I know that even though you are part white, it's the black part that is most important because there is still so much work to be done to create equality.

As you move through life, hopefully gently and with a forgiving spirit, you'll see that while there are lots of uninformed people on the planet, there is also a huge movement of those educating themselves. They are actively working to improve relationships between white and black. It's nowhere near what it should be, but it's important to reach out and acknowledge the progress that has been made.

When you read this, you'll be old enough to understand these concepts, but it might still seem a little foreign to you. If there's only one thing you walk away with after reading this, it's that you are so deeply, immensely loved.

You can never be too "extra", or too loud, or too proud, or too excited about life. You can never be "too" anything - so don't ever let anyone dim your light that shines SO brightly. You yell, girl. You get out there and you make some noise, because the Lord knows His children should be making more noise. Cause a ruckus. Kick up some dirt. Upset expectations.

I love you to the moon and back.

You'll always be my "bitty".

Love, mama

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My birth stone is a coffee bean. I'm constantly carrying a mug around the farm with me. You probably won't see me without my camera. I love Jesus and woo woo and believe that science and faith can co-exist. I have a daughter, Diana, who is almost 3 and a husband, Justin, who is a recovering addict. I'm an Elite with doTERRA and I love feeling empowered and enabled to care for my family in a NATURAL way.

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