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An Open Letter to the Mama with a Hyperactive Toddler

An Open Letter to the Mama with a Hyperactive Toddler
November 05, 2021

I see you.

When your little is touching everything in the store as you try to get your grocery shopping done. 

I see you.

When they can't sit still at the family get togethers and your family asks why you "can't control" your toddler.

When they interrupt your conversation because they are so excited about something that they cannot wait to tell you. 

I see you, barely holding back the tears and questioning yourself. 

"What am I doing wrong?"

"Why does it seem like everyone else but me has it all together?"

But let me let you in on a little secret....

We don't have it all together!

While someone is seeing you on a hard day, that doesn't mean they don't have those same hard days too. We live in a generation of "highlight reels". And just because no one wants to show the lows, doesn't mean that they don't exist. 

I know that being seen doesn't necessarily make all the stress of it go away, but know that you are doing an amazing job!

I know that you feel judged, or even worse, that your little is being judged. 

You know their beautiful mind, and their sweet nature and you want others to know it too. 

I've been there. 

I've searched through books and read blog after blog on how to "help" my son. But we don't need to "fix" them or "help" them be better. And the moment I learned that, I began to enjoy his energy instead of stressing about it. 

People are going to want to label your little. Ignore them. (Now don't get me wrong, if there is a serious issue, then that needs to be addressed. But just remember that high energy does not always mean ADHD). 

There will be days when their excessive questions tug at your last nerve and you may snap at them. It's okay. 

Let them move, and help them learn to harness that energy in good ways. 

I know that today seems hard, and tomorrow might even be too. But you've got this mama. 

You can do hard things. 

At the end of the day, I think we all just want someone to understand our stress, our frustration. So I'll repeat this again, I see you!

You are strong and are the one who makes your little's day feel better when they don't feel understood. Even if no one else sees the work you are putting in, I do. 

We are taught as moms that we should have it all together and we shouldn't complain. And in the era of Pinterest and "new studies", everyone has an opinion and there always seems to be someone doing it better than you. 

So the next time your little is acting "wild", know that you are not alone and I see you. And not because I am silently judging you, but because I am you

You're doing great, keep going!


A Mama to a high energy Boy

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My name is Sebastiana, but most just call me SB, and I am an adventurer. I've had a wandering spirit ever since I was a little girl and now that I am a mother I get to share that spirit with my tiny humans. My goal is to instill this wandering spirit in those around me and show you that having children doesn't mean that wandering spirit diminishes. It is possible and I want to show you how! I love to share my adventures as well as I also share tips on traveling with kids, photography, and being a woman/momma in the outdoor community.

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