Back to School Teacher Gifts

Back to School Teacher Gifts
August 02, 2018

Back to school is such an exciting time for both parents and children.  I always think kicking off the year on a good foot with a sweet but small gift of appreciation for teachers is always a good idea.

Teachers work so hard and spend personal time and money on our sweet babies and take such good care of them when they are away from us, that a small gift is the least we can do. 

It is hard to know what to get a teacher that you may not know much about… however, don’t be nervous to get something wrong because it is the thought that counts! Also, side note what did moms do before Pinterest existed?! There are so many fun ideas on there that you can borrow or even tweak to make it work for you and your little one!

I really like gifts that are useful. You can easily find some really cute craft ideas with highlighters, sharpies and even EOS lip balm on Pinterest. I even love just making cute cards that you can add a Target or Starbucks gift card to… because then if you really are nervous about getting something “wrong” they can basically pick out their own gifts. 

However, for those of you with little time or maybe do not have a crafty bone in your body here are some very cute and very affordable back to school finds you can purchase on Etsy.  I love that this supports small businesses! 

Some of my favorite small gift ideas are the following:

Back to School Mason Jars:

Customized Clip Boards

Coffee+Wine Gift Set

Pencil Tumbler

Teacher Pencil Name Plate

Door Sign

So there you have it some fun, affordable teacher gifts that can suit a range of personalities. I love that you can shop small and have one less stress to worry about by ordering it online and just having the gift show up at your door! Kick off the school year by making your child's teachers day with a small token of your appreciation!

What is your favorite gift to give for back to school?

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