Beat the Heat with these fun Summer Activities

Beat the Heat with these fun Summer Activities

Summertime comes around and we have started into the dog days.  Kids' energy is high and we are starting to feel defeated and need fresh ideas of what to do to beat the heat.  Here are some of my favorite things to do!

  • Story time 

Check out your local library and bookstores for story times.  Also, many have them even have play areas for kiddos!

  • Splash pads

They are so fun to play at and it burns off a TON of energy.  You can even make your own water park and enjoy outside water time with water tables and splash pad and sprinkle toys! 

  • Camps 

Check out the museums, churches, zoos, and children’s attractions to see if they host camps. 

  • Bubble party 

Bubble machines can magically keep children happy for long periods of time! 

  • Chalk time

I love watching kiddos create.  I also google simple drawings that help me create fun designs to show the kiddos! They are fun and super helpful since I have zero artistic ability! 

  • Walks

A good way to burn energy and to keep healthy at the same time. We love to explore and talk about plants and animals on our walks. 

Rotate with other mamas and have play dates with themes! 

  • Local programming

In our area there are lots of businesses that host FREE kids events. You can find out about a lot of them by looking on Facebook on the events area! 

  • Gym time

Gyms like the YMCA have childcare.  This is a great opportunity for your kiddos to socialize and you to get some me time! 

  • Create your own play dates

One of the best karts of social media is that there are so many mom groups. You can plan meetups in public places to meet and play with other parents and their kiddos! 

What do you do to beat the heat?  Let’s share ideas so we all have a great resource bucket to pull from! 

XOXO Gabbing Ginger

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Gabriella J

There are so many amazing ideas in here!

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