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Beauty tips and tricks for moms

Beauty tips and tricks for moms
October 05, 2018

Moms are busy but most of us want to still be put together the majority of the time. Here are some mom beauty hacks that can help save you time and/or money.

1. Makeup primer: Seriously, I never really thought I needed it but realized how much better it allows my foundation to look (expensive or drug store brand). It helps even out the skins surface for a smoother finish.

2. If you can’t round brush your hair try out the Revlon One Step hair dryer. It can help save you time because you won’t have to straighten your hair nearly as much. It looks like a brush blowdryer and does wonders for blow drying hair. 

3. Dry shampoo and blow drying: Make sure to spray dry shampoo on your hair even on the day you washed it to help it start absorbing oils.

Also, on days you don’t wash your hair, spray the dry shampoo and round brush around your face and temples with it. It helps revive the volume. If you can’t round brush get the dryer I mentioned above! 

4. Drink water… it really does hydrate and make your skin healthier. Which in turns means less make-up! 

5. Make sure to wash your face. Even on days I am SO tired I used neutrogena wipes to get the days junk off (even if I didn’t wear makeup). It really makes a difference in your skin and in the end will require you to wear less makeup because your skin with look brighter and fresher. 

6. Use setting spray on your beauty blender/sponge. I feel like it really helps set the foundation/concealer and uses less product!

7.  BB Cream is always a quick easy way to give your face some freshness without a ton of makeup! 

8. Make sure to deep condition your hair about once a week. This keeps hair healthy and looking great in between cuts (and I think allows a longer stretch between cuts).

9. Exfoliate your face and skin once a week to keep the dead dull skin away. I keep a gentle scrub in my shower so I don't forget! 

10. Dont be afraid to experiment with skin care. As we age and hormones change our skin care needs to adjust. Always be open to trying out something new to help keep your skin glowing! 

What are your favorite beauty mom hacks?


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