Being Mummy When You're Feeling Ill

Being Mummy When You're Feeling Ill
November 01, 2018

If you are ill at work, you stay home. It makes sense of course, why would you go to work when you

are not very well? But if you are a SAHM, a sick day is usually just not an option. Now I am very lucky

as my parents live close by so they can often help me if I am stuck, but this week my mother was also sick

and so there was no option of any additional help. I was sick and I still had to look after four children

and of course it just had to be half term week and so there was no school for anyone. It has been a

long week and I have struggled so I thought I would share some of the ideas I came up with for

making it easier being a mummy when you are feeling ill.

  1. 1. Craft time - you will need to do the planning and organisation and of course oversee it, but
  2. if you keep this to a minimum mess craft activity such as doing a collage, then it is fairly easy
  3. and not too labour intensive. The good thing about a craft is that they are sitting down and
  4. will be in one place meaning you can sit down too…
  5. 2. Pyjama Day – make it seem like a treat to all stay in your PJs and hunker down for the day.
  6. You could let them make a den with their duvet covers and then take books in and do some
  7. reading, giving you some valuable quiet time and the chance to lie down in that den.
  8. 3. Burn off their energy – if you have a safe and contained garden you can let them outside to
  9. burn off some of their energy and have some fun.
  10. 4. Movie Time - settle down on the sofa for the afternoon and rent them a movie or even head
  11. out to the cinema if you are well enough.
  12. 5. Relax screen time rules - my children have been allowed to play on their xbox this week.
  13. They are usually limited to weekend only play and then only for a short time, but this week
  14. all bets were off and I let them play for a bit most days just to keep two of them occupied so
  15. I could rest a bit.
  16. 6. Classes – as it was school holidays during this week I was able to book my boys into a holiday
  17. club for 3 mornings so that they were getting all of the physical and outdoor activity they
  18. needed when I was not well enough to be getting them out and about as we usually would.
  19. During term time you could think about doing trial classes for some activities if you are not
  20. feeling great so that the kids can still get active even if you can’t.
  21. 7. Play Doh - this stuff is great if you are a mummy feeling ill as it is typically a very contained
  22. activity giving you a chance to sit and if your kids are anything like mine they just love it. My
  23. children can spend hours creating and imagining with playdoh
  24. 8. Play doctors – we have a little doctors play set and my kids love it so what better than lying
  25. on the sofa being their patient when I felt ill

Our week has been less than perfect will me being ill and I know that they haven’t had their usual

experience of a school holiday, but I know I did the best I could and that using these ideas helped me

to still be mummy whilst also allowing myself to recover from a nasty cold and throat infection. If

you are a mummy feeling ill then I hope you feel back to yourself soon as it is no fun!

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I am Kirsty from Navigating Baby. I am the mother of 4 littles; 2 boys and twins girls. We are a busy, happy family and have a chaotic life filled with fun and noise - lots of noise! When I am not trying to navigate my way through the parenting journey you can find me blogging about family friendly cooking, days out, travel, crafts and sharing the reality of motherhood and all the things I have learnt along the way.

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