Some Advice for New Moms or Moms-To-Be

Some Advice for New Moms or Moms-To-Be
December 15, 2019

1. Cherish every moment 

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times, but seriously cherish every single, precious moment. When you put it into perspective, the days may seem long but the years are short. My son is now 7 months and honestly the time went by way too quickly! You won’t get those moments back so soak up all the cuddles.

2. Trust your instincts (and yourself)

Although it may be hard, be confident, mama! Mom instincts are real and research proves this! Research has shown that mom instincts are so real that they can tell you what to do long before we, ourselves do. So have some faith in yourself!

3. Stop comparing yourself

Do not compare yourself to other moms and remember that the same goes for your baby-- no two babies are the same, I remember I had people telling me that my son should have already been sleeping through the night at 4 months. These comments can be overwhelming and annoying but let them go in one ear and out the other. I have gotten really good at not comparing myself, and when I see others start to do it, I often remind them that its in their best interest to stop.

4. Sleep when baby sleeps.

I wish I did more of this when Oliver was in his newborn days. Sleeping helps you recharge, and even if you don’t feel like sleeping just try to lay down and close your eyes. It's important to take time to refuel and relax, some things can wait. 

5. Ask for help

This is something that I still struggle with but that I'm trying to work on. I tried to be Supermom, thinking that asking for help would make me look weak. Let me make something clear though, asking for help does not make you a worse mom, in fact it makes you a better mom because you’re realizing that you need help and you’re asking for it-- simply acknowledging the fact that help is needed is huge.

6. Don’t beat yourself up

Be gentle and kind with yourself. Even though you’re a mom, you’re still a person, and you still matter.



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Hi! My name is Aleksandra but everyone calls me Aleks. I’m a new mom to a beautiful baby boy Oliver. My goal on here is to share with you my motherhood journey in hopes of being helpful to at least one mom out there! I’m very active in the mom community both online and offline. I genuinely love meeting and connecting with new moms or moms to be, so if you aren’t already following on me IG be sure to give me a follow or just say hi!

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