Book Club for Moms

Book Club for Moms
February 22, 2018

I have talked about SELF CARE before on here and I wanted to really highlight one of my favorite self care habits.


When I became a mom finding friends was hard but after a while I found a good  mom group.  We decided to start a 'once a month' book club.

How does the book club work?  Every month one person "hosts".  They are responsible for choosing the book, coordinating the day, time, and location of the meeting. They also pay for all appetizers and one round of drinks! Our group has really enjoyed exploring the nearby area restaurants but I think it could also be fun to do it at one another's house.

I love that we have kept the group smaller (6 people).  This allows open conversation and gives everyone a chance to talk to one another.

Here are some of the books we have read and loved:

A Man Called Over

Lies She Told

If I Stay I also read the sequel and loved it [Where She Went]

We Were Liars

The Rules of Magic

What books have you loved lately?

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