Breastfeeding in Public Should Be Embraced More

Breastfeeding in Public Should Be Embraced More
February 24, 2020

We see it everywhere: mums getting shamed for breastfeeding. 

As a strong believer in feeding your child in whichever way (breast or bottle), it really bothers me to see breastfeeding going through a lot of prejudice. It's the natural way to feed a baby--why would certain people deem it unfit to the extent of making mums worldwide start second-guessing themselves? 

Here are some clarifications to encourage us to continue breastfeeding:

It's a great bonding opportunity for mum and baby

Breastfeeding offers a certain soothing feeling to the baby. No wonder they love it oh, so much! You're able to bond with your baby as you maintain some eye contact in the process. It will feel like cuddling as you transmit warmth to your little one. The importance of this bond is something the public should try to understand!

The kid is hungry!

When a child is whining and can’t keep quiet often the breast is the stop button. You would wonder if this is a normal solution to a child’s hungry whims then why shouldn’t mothers use it to their advantage? When you're thirsty all you need is a cold soda or glass of water--breast milk is a thirst quencher in the same way for a baby.

It is packed with mega nutrients

Breast milk is nature’s gift as its packed with so many nutrients that surpass all types of multivitamins in the market. Your baby will remain in good health when breastfed, which is why there should be zero shame in doing it as it's acting as a healer for your child.

Most mums are conscious and cover themselves

If you are in the anti-public breastfeeding for mums, maybe your reason is because you think that mums are making people uncomfortable by taking out their breasts. Well, in truth, many conscious mothers cover themselves appropriately while nursing publicly. There are even shawls for that purpose which we often see being used. Even the mothers themselves do not want everyone glaring at their parts, so this reason shouldn't hold any weight.

Society should change its way of thinking

When we saw the viral post of a mum who got shamed at Chick-fil-A for breastfeeding at their eatery, it spoke volumes about how society perceives breastfeeding. Even though an apology for the rude customer was made by the owner after the event, the harm had already been done. No wonder many mums gathered together in order to stand in solidarity with the affected mother.

Changing society’s mindset of breastfeeding begins with us. It is totally legal to breastfeed in public and we should encourage one another down that path! Talk about it in your social circles and appreciate women for doing it. After all, it is for the baby’s well-being!

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Rachel is a passionate mother of 2 boys from Nairobi, Kenya. She is a self-proclaimed foodie and implementer of positive parenting. She is also a holder of BSC. Project management. She is a freelance writer and contributor in a variety of parenting, travel, food and lifestyle blogs and websites. Check her family's YouTube channel Present Fatherhood.

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