Celebrities Watching their Kids go Back to School

Celebrities Watching their Kids go Back to School
September 10, 2019

Back to School Season is in full swing and we all know that it is an exciting and emotional time for both parents and kids. There is just something about sending your child off into the big world that makes you realize how fast they are growing up. 

But even though watching your kid go off to school pulls all the heart strings, there is no need for it to be overwhelming. In fact, it is a great opportunity for your family to reflect and acknowledge how far you've come and how much you've all grown together. 

Here is some advice from celebrity mamas on how they get through and make the most out of Back to School season. Because whether you're famous or not, moms will be moms first and foremost!

Tamera Mowry and her husband Adam Housley got quite emotional when they sent off their 5 year old son Aden to school. "Mommy cried, sister got a hug and he surprised me with a kiss on the forehead. Insane how time flies. So excited for this kid," Adam captions his dedicated Instagram post. Despite the tears, excitement and pride were still the dominating emotions of the day: "He was so pumped for his first day," the proud dad shares. 

Ayesha Curry also perfectly captures the conflicting emotions of Back to School when she captions her Instagram post of her daughter Riley going off to her first day of first grade with both a crying and a heart eyes emoji. 

Jessica Alba has a very inspirational outlook on kids going back to school. “It’s fun because, for us, it’s a moment to kind of reflect on what they accomplished the year prior and what they want to accomplish this next year and what it means for them,” she explains in an interview with Huffington Post. We for sure love that positive attitude!

So mamas, let's embrace the emotional roller coaster of Back to School Season with all its ups and downs and do it like Nicole "Snookie" Polizzi puts it so well in the caption of her IG post: "Mommy is crying," she writes but adds that she's also cheering to be "free till 3" right after. 

Happy Back to School Mamas!

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