DIY Felt Board

DIY Felt Board

Hi everyone! I am really excited to bring a SUPER easy DIY to you.  I am not the most crafty person so DIY’s have to be really straight forward to me and require only a few steps.  

I wanted to create some sensory play for my toddler but I try to keep his room pretty low key [I keep most toys in a play area].  He has a half wall though that was the perfect spot for a felt board one.  I decided to head to Hobby Lobby when frames were on sale and found a large one that would fit the space and match his room for about $20.  

I ventured to their fabric section and picked out a yard of felt [I wanted to have extras to cut out other shapes]. I picked out a light color [blue] so that the other felt colors would pop. You could always go bold with the background and get lighter “decoration” pieces too!  I got it home and simply wrapped the felt around the hard cardboard the comes in the frame and hot glued it down on the back side and popped it back in. Then headed upstairs and told my husband where to hang it [he is super OCD about where holes go so I always leave those battles up to him]. 

I then took the extra fabric and tried to cut out some shapes and realized how terrible I was at that so I headed to target and found some cute letters and numbers.  Dollar section for the win, y’all! 

I am excited to decorate this board for different holidays but also see my little one get creative with it and bonus it takes up very little space and is easy to clean up.  It is something I see growing with him and I love that it looks like a nice piece and isn’t bright plastic like so many of his toys! He already love playing with the board and it is a great way to practice letters, numbers and shapes!

What is one of your favorite and EASY DIY toddler projects? 

XOXO Gabbing Ginger

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