Do You Fuss or Do You Discipline?

Do You Fuss or Do You Discipline?

Do you fuss or do you discipline?
Ouch. I had to ponder this for myself. I fuss and I nag for what seems like the entire day so I figured that I nagged more than I disciplined. 

For so long, I've wondered why my children seemed to enjoy hearing me nag. After all, they weren't doing the things I'd been asking of them so surely if they were tired of all my nagging they'd just fall in line, right?

Guess what I concluded? If you are disciplining, you shouldn't have to fuss much. Wanna try it? I did: I said something once and I expected to see action--I didn't. Typically, I would have inserted my fussing right about then, but I calmly just enforced the consequence--not a threat for an impending consequence, but an immediate one.

Truthfully, I didn't feel good about it. 

I know my children probably don't believe this, but I don't like taking punitive measures. To be honest, life is "easier" when everything is intact and everyone has all of their privileges, there's certainly a lot less to keep up with. I mean, it takes work to remember who has had some freedoms taken away!

So anyway, there I was, calmly enforcing my often threatened consequence and I caught my child off-guard. Said child pled with me a couple of times, but I maintained my position. The day was almost up so much of the punishment would continue into the following day.  

Not only did the child survive the next day but I found that whenever I bring the same issue up there is now an urgency to comply. So here is my summation of advice: lay out the rules and parameters plainly, discuss the consequences of inaction, and swiftly follow through with what you said. 

After all, their future employers will do it.

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Hey there, I'm Tanesha. I am a married, homemaking, mom of 4 with a knack for fashion, love for Jesus and passion for all things family. I love meaningless comedies, hate homework and am a bonafide homebody-with no regrets!

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