E-Books vs. Print Books

E-Books vs. Print Books

Growing up I was a bookworm. I loved the library and loved walking into a bookshop even more. 

I was that child who stayed up at night reading under my covers with a flashlight. I particularly loved the smell of new books and the feel of turning the pages as I sped through my books. 

So when I saw the article in the Journal of Pediatrics called “Differences in Parent-Toddler Interactions With Electronic Versus Print Books” I was very intrigued to find out what the results were. 

The study found that there is less interaction between toddlers and their parents when an e-book is read than when a print book is read. Shared book reading is so important for a child’s development. It promotes a love of reading, literacy for younger children and helps with attachment between children and their caregivers.

So with this data, I will recommend to my patients to rather read to their children from print books as opposed to e-books. 

If they are using e-books however, I suggest ensuring that there is lots of back and forth discussions, questions and pointing going on during story time to make sure that shared reading is achieved for its benefits. 

Do you notice a difference when you read to your child with an e-book vs. a print book? Which of the two do you personally prefer?

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This year, I became a mom to a precious baby girl. I had just finished my training to become a family doctor and had given plenty of pre-natal, pregnancy and post-partum advice. I had delivered many babies, worked in numerous pediatric wards and clinics and trained under world renowned pediatricians, OBGYNs and family doctors. I had to know everything about pregnancy, childbirth and babies... Or at least that's what you'd think. After six years of training to be a doctor I quickly learned I knew very little about newborn babies and child rearing! So I decided to start writing about what I wish I had learned in medical school and residency to help medical students, interns, residents and moms through this incredible life stage! 

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Gabriella J

I will personally always prefer the feeling of real paper when turning the pages of a book haha

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