An Easy and "Cute" Valentine for Your "Cutie"

An Easy and Cute Valentine for Your Cutie
February 05, 2020

If your toddler's school is anything like mine, his school Valentines Day Party will be FULL of heart-shaped cookies, candy, and juice! 

Since we are still on overload from Halloween, we are ditching the candy this Valentines Day in exchange for Clementines! In all honesty, a "Cutie" is just as good as a sour patch kid! 

What you'll need: 

Free Template (www.thinkingclairezy.com)


Small Plastic Treat Bags


Hole Punch

Clementines or "Cuties"

This is an easy, affordable way to cut back on junk! How many heart-shaped erasers or pencils do we really need to end up in our "junk" drawer anyway? 

Also this will save you from candy buying until at least Easter! 


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My name is Claire. My family has called me Clairezy for as long as I can remember; hence “Thinking Clairezy.” I grew up in the mountains of Pennsylvania and spent every summer in a small New Jersey beach town called Stone Harbor. My passion in life has always been hair (and style). My life changed when I had my son (Chip) who came very unexpectedly but he’s the greatest thing that ever happened to me! I love being a mom. I try to live every day of my life with purpose, and this is where I hope my blog journey helps inspire YOU. Whether that be making a delicious healthy dinner for your family, giving yourself a killer blowout, or helping give you the confidence to rock your curves!

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Rachel M

Lovely. wedo not have valentines parties but i will try this at home

1 Year / report
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Kailin B

Love this idea, Claire!

1 Year / report
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