Easy DIY Gift Wrapper Activity for Toddlers

Easy DIY Gift Wrapper Activity for Toddlers
November 26, 2021

'Tis the Season is here. And it’s about to get overwhelming. 

As we begin to scroll through our social feeds and see the mountains of beautiful large decorated homes, hopefully we can remind ourselves that it’s not about the appearance of celebrating a holiday that matters; it’s the feeling.

Growing up, I loved all the family activities during the holiday season. I think that’s why I love Christmas so much. Creating that feeling for my little one now requires activities and attending events that I never thought of before being a mom. But sitting on Santa’s lap for photos or touring those villages decorated in Christmas lights isn’t affordable for everyone.

And being financially tight after the holidays is NOT a feeling we want to chase after.

Here’s a fun activity that will help create memories and is useful for the gift giving season.

You’ll need: a roll of kraft paper, non-toxic paint (in the colour of your choice), a thin paint brush and an orange or apple or both!

Make sure you do this activity on an easy to clean surface (large table or on the floor).


1. Unroll kraft paper

2. Squeeze a moderate amount of paint in a disposable paper plate. Limit one colour per plate.

3. Cut your fruit in half.

4. Give your toddler one side of the fruit and you can take the other.

5. Use fruit halves as stamps and stamp away on the kraft paper.

6. After the paint has dried (and maybe when your toddler is gone), you can go over the stamped fruit with your thin paint brush to accentuate by adding stems/leaves or create holiday frills/swirls/stars. 

At the end of it, you’ll be left with some cute homemade gift wrap that they will be excited to gift to family and friends. 

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