Embrace The Chaos

Embrace The Chaos

Moms, lets be honest… have you ever felt like you’re drowning in a pool of dirty diapers, tantrums and toys?

As moms with kids of any age but specifically when we have small children, it can be exhausting.  Not only are we meant to care for our children but we also have to clean the house, go to work, make dinner, do laundry, and do all. The. things.

I was at that point earlier this year.  As a work from home mom I was alone almost all winter with a sick baby and a toddler.  It honestly felt like the winter was never going to end.  In between the chaos I had to find time to work and what little energy I did have had to go into my clients, which means little to no energy to fill up my own cup.

By about 6pm I was ready to pass out and get those kids to bed (except their bedtime wasn’t until 7:30 so I had another hour and a half of dragging exhaustion).  And then it was mostly sleepless nights with a baby who wasn’t sleeping.  We were living overseas so we had no family or friends that could help us and my husband traveled… a lot!

Being a mom is a 24/7 job as you know and there’s no “off duty”.

Guys, I’m not complaining though. I am so abundantly blessed I can’t complain. I love my kiddos so much, however, in the midst of that it was hard.  I remember thinking, “Is this madness ever going to end?” “Is this just my new normal?” “Can I really do this forever?”

It was challenging. It was exhausting.

Now, I believe it’s so much easier to share the POSITIVE because I’m mostly through that hard place.

However, it also makes me realize WHY God puts us in hard seasons of our lives…. it makes us SO much more appreciative for the GOOD times.

Take this to heart: “And don’t be wishing you were someplace else or with someone else.  Where you are right now is God’s place for you.  Live and obey and love and believe right there.” 1 Corinthians 7:17

If I could tell myself anything to help me get through the first year of my baby’s life it would be to embrace the chaos.  Embrace the exhaustion. Embrace those sleepless nights.  Embrace the cuddles. Embrace the times when your kids are little.  Embrace the baby stage.  Embrace the fact that they only want mama. 

And 6 months ago if you would have told me this I would have tried so hard to make myself feel more grateful for where I was but it was SO HARD.

Looking back on the challenging seasons of life it’s obvious that even though the days were hard it’s still worth it to embrace the crazy and simply BE PRESENT.

I can honestly say that I’m happy I went through that chaotic time.  It changed me as a person. It made me stronger as a woman and a mom.  It made me become more flexible in my life and just learn to LET GO.

If you’re in a challenging time of motherhood… this is for you. I want to encourage  you to keep going. Keep pressing on. 

Just know its not going to last forever.  Keep pushing through, be faithful and know that you’re exactly where you need to be.  Its going to get better, its going to get easier.  Don’t take for granted the hard days because that’s what will lead you and your family to becoming stronger TOGETHER.

Here’s a few things that helped me:

  1. I stopped being afraid to ask for help - whether that be from my husband, a friend, or a sitter.  If someone said they were willing to help I took them up on it!

  2. I carved out at least 10 minutes a day where I could have quiet time and read and cleared my mind.  This is what kept me sane!

  3. I got out of the house.  Get outside, get in the fresh air when you can or even just go walk around the mall.

  4. Simplify - take some things off your plate.  Stop worrying about your house being perfect and making perfect meals.  Your biggest goal should be to simply survive each day taking the best care of your kids that you can!  If you’re working, take some responsibilities off your plate if you can (most people will understand).

  5. Give yourself grace - be flexible with yourself, with your schedule and with what you can handle. Remember that this is only a short season of your life and it will get easier.

  6. SLEEP - Literally do whatever you can to get more sleep and make it a priority. No more late night netflix binges or sweeping the floors during naptime. If you’re not sleeping 8 hours at night you need to TRY to make it a priority.  Do your best here and it will make a massive difference.

I hope that this encourage you mamas who are in a challenging time.  Now tell me about your experience? Are you ready to embrace the chaos? 

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Jackie is a mom of 2 little girls and a health + fitness coach. She helps moms new moms navigate postpartum life to become more balanced + healthy amidst the chaos through whole foods, flexible nutrition + home workouts. She has a passion for working with with breastfeeding moms to help them achieve weight loss goals while increasing milk supply. When she's not training her fellow mamas you can find her traveling, spending time with her girls or at her favorite Mexican restaurant :) She's currently living overseas in Lithuania while her husband pursues his pro-athletic career but their home base is Phoenix, AZ.

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