Essential Oils and Toddlers

Essential Oils and Toddlers

At some point, I might do an "Essential Oils and Babies" article, but this is much more relevant to me at this time and I love to share what I'm going through in the moment... so toddlers it is!

Many of us moms have heard of or regularly use essential oils. Whether we're a part of an essential oil company (*raises hand*) or simply buying them off Amazon, they've become a staple to most mom's lives over the past several years.

Though they've become popular over the past... five years or so? I actually grew up with them. When I was younger, we didn't have all the fancy oils we have now, like copaiba and helichrysum. We just had lavender, peppermint, tea tree, and probably something like oregano.

My siblings, cousins, friends and I used to all run through the grass barefoot. We had red wasps that liked to hang out in the deep green of the yard, gathering dew or hunting smaller insects, and we'd step on them and immediately run screaming into the house for the tea tree oil and lavender oil.

Ever since those younger days of using the oils, I've been hooked.

Obviously, when my daughter was born, I started using them on her. She was colicky, so they came in handy lots, but unfortunately, I didn't know half of what I know now when she was first born. Looking back, I regret that she had to suffer so much when amazing products like DigestZen were on the market. *sigh* But I'm grateful I know about them now!

Here are my top tips, tricks, and suggestions for essential oils and toddlers.

Essential Oils and Toddlers

My daughter is 2.8. And she's a HANDFUL and a half. When someone asks me how old she is, I say, "Crazy. That's how old she is. CRAZY." She's a wild child, and I love that about her. To help encourage her but also... tame her at times (like bedtime!!) we use a combination of lots of different oils to keep her emotions balanced and healthy while she runs around #onthefarm.


Let's start with the easiest one! For sleeping, Diana wasn't receptive to lavender in the diffuser. I figured since I was, why wouldn't she be? Little did I know at the time - about a year ago - that each person has an essential oil combo that works for their own body. Sometimes, what works to, for example, put me to sleep, might not work for my husband. He might need vetiver instead of lavender.

Here's the combination we use for Diana to go to sleep.

IN HER BOTTLE: 1 drop of lavender (we use doTERRA so its quality is high enough for ingestion on most oils, but you should always check the back of the bottle just in case)

ON HER FEET: 2 drops of lavender, rubbed into her little feet with a gentle massage

IN HER DIFFUSER: (she's spoiled and has her own light-up diffuser) we use vetiver and cedarwood, mixed


If she just can't seem to calm herself down, I like to hand her a rolly-ball of bergamot and white fir and grapefruit. It's also known as the "Happy Mama" blend or the "Mountain Mama" blend, but it works fabulously for her. She knows how to roll it onto her wrists and the palms of her hands. She's usually able to stop crying or being a little too over the top for mama (although we encourage big emotions most of the time) within a few minutes. This stuff is magic.


Before we leave on road trips, I like to help her remain calm and happy, so I apply lavender to the bottoms of her little feet before putting on her socks. I feel like this just helps her stay relaxed and not get too amped up to enjoy herself in the car. If she gets nauseous, though it's kind of hard to tell, we'll hand her diluted peppermint in a rolly-ball and she enjoys smelling it. Plus, it lifts her mood and gives her a little boost!


Diana really struggled with colds when we lived in Alaska. She had them often and she had them HARD. So I purchased the Breathe stick from doTERRA and the Breathe oil, and the combination of the two had her go from RASPY, horrible breathing to sleeping easy. Also, a drop of lemon oil down the bridge of her nose REALLY helps with congestion and stuffiness.


One of the biggest Godsends from doTERRA has been the DigestZen blend. My aunt is on the keto diet and struggles lots with acid reflux, and we hand over the DigestZen bottle and within 2-3 minutes it's bearable. For Diana, when she gets indigestion or seems to be miserable in the tummy region (she can usually at least point to her belly and say it hurts, which sounds like "hotes"), I like to put a drop of DigestZen on my finger and rub it around her tiny belly button. She can't tell me that it works, but within a few minutes, she tends to run off and play a little better.

Obviously, with oils, it's all trial and error, but most of these can be applied and be successful in the ways that I've described them being used above. Also, reapplication is NECESSARY. If you aren't seeing the results you want to see, reapply. Because it's organic and plant-based, it's okay to use it as much as you want.

It's always a HUGE comfort to me when I can help her and yet, at the same time, know that I'm not throwing a bunch of chemicals in her little body.

I hope this helps you and your toddlers, mama!

PS. If you need to know what I use as a mama of a toddler, I'd be happy to write an article on that, too! Just comment below if you want to see it and I can work on that.

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