Everybody has to deal with Momshaming

Everybody has to deal with Momshaming

At some point or another every mom is confronted with what we all fear, momshaming. As if mothers don't already question themselves enough, unsolicited parenting advice can spark doubts in even the most confident of us.

Ironically, the criticism often comes from people that don't even have kids on their own. But whether it is a source close to you or a complete stranger, having one's parenting abilities and choices questioned is never a pleasant experience. 

Even though it is something that many encounter throughout the journey of parenthood, dealing with it can be quite challenging. What response approach is the best, a sassy clap-back, a simple smile, or a polite notice that the comment was not asked for?

Unfortunately, there is no simple and universally applicable answer to this question and every mother has to figure out how to best deal with momshaming according to the specific situation and her personality. 

However, something that can help is just reminding yourself that momshaming is a problematic all mothers face at some point and it does not mean that you are doing a bad job at parenting. Even celebrities have to face unsolicited advice, often even at a much higher rate due to their public exposure. 

Recently, the famous singer Pink decided to disable her Instagram comments after receiving too much criticism on posting pictures of her children Willow and Jameson during their Berlin vacation. The power mom decided to no longer accept all the rude comments and followed up with a bold response, captioning her latest post with 

"Just a friendly reminder to those of you that need it: (middle finger emoji) there will be no more comments on this page!"

Thereby, she is showing all mothers out there that for one, even the most famous of moms are confronted with criticism from all sides and moreover, that this is no reason to doubt yourself and let yourself be brought down.

Instead, let's remind ourselves to be confident, love the person and parents that we are and remember to empower each other. 

Stay strong mamas!

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