Fall Date Night Ideas

Fall Date Night Ideas
October 16, 2019

Fall is arguably one of the coziest seasons. It's the perfect time to get cuddly and foster the spirit of romance with some creative date nights. 

For us, dates are usually going out to eat at a restaurant. But for last date night, I decided to switch things up. We rented some bikes and went on a cute little ride. It was so much fun and definitely one of our best date nights in a long time.

I wanted to share some great fall date night ideas with you, in case you're like us and want to step up your date night game.

Movie Nights

Movies are a wonderful, versatile activity since you can watch them at home after you put the kids to sleep or you can go out to the cinema if you feel like leaving the house. Watching a good movie is the perfect go to option for those days when you're really exhausted but still want to spend some time together.

Bike Rides

Like I mentioned above, we recently went on a romantic bike ride. We explored the city, went over a bridge,  took a stroll in the park and got some coffee to wrap things up. It was a perfect fall day and it felt great to get some cool, fresh air. 


Walks are so lovely in the evening, especially if you happen to live near a water front. A relaxed evening stroll certainly makes you feel like you're in a movie and livens up the romance between you and your partner. 


When my partner and I first started dating we loved going rollerblading together. You get to hold hands and just spin around beneath the colourful lights in the rink together.


Put your kids to sleep and have a baking date night at home. The baking session can easily be extended into a kissing session. You see what I did there. Clever, I know. In all seriousness baking together can be a very sweet and sexy experience.

Remember the good old times when you were dating and your dates were always extensively creative, sometimes spontaneous, but always cute and flirty? Why not revive those feelings and have that when you are married as well?

Dates night are important for each and every marriage. Whether you've been married for 2 or 22 years. Time together reunites your hearts, your dreams and your passions back to one.

I hope I managed to give you a bit of inspiration for your future fall date nights.

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Hey Everyone, My Name is Nadia! I married my high school sweetheart at age 18. We live in the suburbs of the PNW with two little kiddos. I am passionate about my faith, motherhood,marriage, homemaking, writing and learning. My goal is to encourage and uplift other parents and moms. Thanks for stopping by.

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