Find 3 Hobbies: One to make you money, one to make you creative & one to make you healthy

Find 3 Hobbies: One to make you money, one to make you creative & one to make you healthy

A few years back, I found that true happiness and success could be found when we live a life that aligns more with our passions. I was depressed and neglecting all my own needs and desires because I was so caught up in just trying to survive each day as a busy working wife and mom. I no longer had hobbies or passions that I was attentive to. Survival mode was in full effect. And it was the lowest place I’d ever been. So, I thought about the quote in the title of this post - find 3 hobbies....

I revolutionized my life to one more in tune with my dreams by finding those 3 hobbies; one to make me money, one to allow me to be creative and one to make me healthy. I also became a better wife and mother and human in this world.I focused on my health first because that was easiest at the time. I wanted to lose 20 pounds. Incidentally, my chosen avenue to a healthier and fitter life ended up being something that allowed me to make money by sharing it with others. And soon after that I found myself passionate about telling my story and inspiring and empowering others through writing (my something creative).

What I want you to take from my story above is that I didn’t know where to start or exactly what I wanted. But I jumped all in on taking small actions that would get me closer to feeling just a little bit better. And the rest evolved. The quote “A rising tide lifts all the ships” certainly rang true for me. And it can for you too.

I will remind you though, change is simple but hard. People sometimes mistake intensity for consistency. Here’s an example -you can spend 5 hours a day for 3 days straight, going to the gym intensely trying to lose 20 pounds but it’s not going to happen. Or you can show up 5 days a week for 30 minutes for 2 months and you will lose that 20 pounds. Consistency always trumps intensity.

And if you want to hit your goals faster, go all in, take massive action and create a lifestyle change that you are not willing to give up on this time. And when times get tough, you struggle or fail, remember the same thing I always told myself, you can quit today, but you can’t quit tomorrow.

You alone have the power to change your life for the better and it starts with finding your 3 hobbies.


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Hi, I'm Jessie, a proud wife and mom of four, certified life and health coach, author, speaker, and former professional 300 mph race car driver. After a major life and career change left me feeling out of touch with myself, depressed and craving more out of life, I revved up my self-happiness through the power of intentional living and made it my mission to motivate, inspire and empower other moms to take conscious control and thrive over survive and more so, to become the best version of themselves so they can be the best mom to their littles.

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Kristin C

I completely identify with this Jessie! I too found myself depressed and in working mommy survival mode a few years ago. I launched my blog and it's been a wonderful creative outlet for me. Thank you for sharing your story! :)

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