Finding Yourself Again After Becoming a Mom

Finding Yourself Again After Becoming a Mom

I know you feel like you have lost yourself, mama. I know you feel like you don't get to enjoy what you used to before your kids arrived. 

Your life has changed in such a big way and you can't find the time to enjoy the things you once did. You miss it. You want it back. But how? 

I'm going to tell you from experience it's not easy but once you get to enjoy these things again even if it just once or twice a week, it is so so worthwhile. It is like a wave of familiar falls over you and you get a mental reset because you finally got to just focus on yourself without a care in the world. 

Think of things you enjoy but don't feel like you have time for anymore. 

For me, it is reading books, doing my makeup, and sometimes just being able to watch a not so kid-friendly show that I love. What do I do to make time for these, you ask? For starters, get the kids to bed at a decent hour. I always shoot for 8-8:30 at night. Sometimes I drink coffee so I can manage to stay up until 10-11 and enjoy quiet time and the things I love. If we have a late bedtime, I just go to bed when they do and try to wake up an hour early in the morning before they do! Now with this being said, it doesn't always go smoothly. That is why above I mentioned to aim for maybe just once or twice a week.

Another suggestion is to make your child(ren) go in their room for quiet time during a certain time of day while you give yourself a mental reset! That suggestion is a work in progress for our household, but I am determined to achieve it. 

I think it is SO very important for mothers to get this time to themselves here and there. We run ourselves on empty by taking care of our loved ones 24/7, that we forget to take care of ourselves. 

Mental health is important and when we don't get to enjoy the things we want to, our mental health declines. I believe our mental health plays a huge role in parenting and day-to-day life with our littles.

If we can't do things that feed our soul once in a while, it quickly declines, and we aren't the best version of ourselves. 

Tell me below what are your favorite things to do and what do you do to achieve them? 

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Hi there, I'm Cee. I am a 27 year old stay at home mother and wife! I have 2 daughters that are 7 and 3, and I just love being a girl mom! I'm from a small town in Ohio but moved to the Metro Detroit area in 2011. I absolutely love the city life and everything it has to offer. Aside from being a SAHM, I create content for many beauty and lifestyle brands. Product photography and content creation are my passion in life. I have a very laid back chill approach and can't wait for you all to get to know me!

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