Getting through Covid with Triplets! Our Family Experience of Coronavirus with 4 Kids

Getting through Covid with Triplets! Our Family Experience of Coronavirus with 4 Kids

Hello and welcome to my second article for Moms Beyond! 

I’m writing this in my house where every one of us has unfortunately tested positive for Coronavirus. It’s been 5 days since we all got tested and we have been self isolating for 6 days now. 

It all started on the previous Thursday, I had a very insignificant little cough creep up on me but it was causing me some discomfort under my right rib. I’ve newly been diagnosed with a rolling hernia which is protruding through my diaphragm and I was a little concerned as I had felt it “twist” a couple times and decided to call my local doctor surgery for an appointment just to get checked out and talk to my regular GP about that diagnosis. As I was displaying symptoms of Covid, the surgery advised I would need a negative Covid test to come to an appointment. I won’t lie, I was frustrated. I suppose I’ve just gotten to that stage where I’m sick of hearing about it all and the lockdowns and just want to claw back some sense of normality.

I am fully vaccinated and was feeling quite well, I offered to do an antigen test before my appointment.

My dad had come to visit, he comes every month and stays for a few nights. David was driving him back home and picked up some antigen tests.

I was shocked to get a positive result and cancelled my appointment straight away at the doctors surgery. We called the school to collect Kacey immediately from school. Both David and Kacey also got a positive result and we arranged to get the whole family tested. David would be in the high risk category. 

We decided to go ahead and get the triplets tested too so we were prepared. But there’s lots of people who choose not to test their babies.

Have you had a test? It wasn’t my first time to be tested so I knew what to expect.

How do they do the test? 

A long swab is inserted up each nostril. Delightful.

It’s then inserted into your mouth and your throat is swabbed. Fabulous.

It’s bagged up and sent to the lab for testing. 

Getting your baby tested? 

The swab is inserted into both nostrils but thankfully not down the throat. Our babies were very brave but obviously upset by the whole thing. The test was carried out in their car seats.

Did they cry, yes

But wouldn’t you be upset too if a strange man shoved a stick up your nose. Erm yes. 

It was not a traumatic or painful experience for them at all and they forgot about it a minute later. 

Quinn has suffered the most of all the kids. Everybody seemed a bit flat and energy was low but poor Quinnie is very tired. Even in the bath, she just wanted to lie on my chest. The first night she was sick, she woke at 2am and barely got a wink of sleep before she was up and wanting to start her little day with her sisters at 7:30am. It wasn’t long after their breakfast, I realized what was actually ahead of us.

The babies are needy and go through bouts of being so very very whiney. We were all happy to snuggle on the couch with the TV on and the babies even watched their very first movie, The Little Mermaid. 

Kacey was feeling a bit low and tired but bounced right back and has been making us all smoothies, which the babies love, especially Callie. We changed her room up a bit so she has a nicer space to do her school work in. 

Myself and David are running on empty, there’s no resting up really for us. By about 6pm every day we are just done. And when the babies go down to bed and Kacey gets dinner, our bodies just give up.

I personally have no interest in food. My smell and taste are still gone and I just can’t face chewing a mouthful of flavourless food. 

We have another few days to go until we are free to leave the house and be done with self isolating and I’m planning a nice day out for the triplets and ice cream with a friend after school for Kacey.

I will come back for an update here next week but in the meantime, if anybody has any tips to entertain small bored and sickly babies, let me know in the comments below!

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I’m an Irish mammy to 4. A working mother of daughters and partner to David. My girl gang are identical triplet baby girls (15 months old) and an 11 year old tween. After a rocky road to get pregnant, 10 years after becoming a young mum we welcomed spontaneously conceived triplet miracle babies into our family during a global pandemic, lockdown and under heavy maternity restrictions meaning I did a lot on my own.
We are navigating our new normal coming out of the lockdowns and getting back to work as a hairstylist and exploring the world.

I’m sharing our journey along the way. The highs, lows, tips and tricks

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