Give the Gift of Experience: Ultimate Kids Gift Guide

Give the Gift of Experience: Ultimate Kids Gift Guide

Life is all about making memories, wouldn’t you agree? If you’re anything like me, you have so many toys lying around rarely getting played with. Sure, your kids love getting new toys, but for our children the fun and excitement only lasts for a few weeks (and I’m being generous).  More memories, less stuff has been my motto to live by so I’ve created a list of memory-making gifts that any child would love!

A Gift That Keeps On Giving
Memberships are always one the best gifts (in my opinion) because you get to go again and again. There are so many different memberships to look into like the Children’s Museum, which provides so many learning opportunities and is sure to be an adventure.
An aquarium or zoo is another great membership option for kids. If pricing is an issue, split the cost between friends or family members. Trust me, going to the zoo six times a year will provide more memories than a couple of toys that won’t be played with (just being honest).

Something to Learn
So not only will these genius gift ideas provide a great learning experience, but also could help children discover new hobbies and interests. There are literally so many different lessons or classes that children can take these days like gymnastics, soccer, karate, swimming, cooking, and music just to name a few. I don’t know about your children, but my kiddos would be THRILLED to get a gift like this for their birthday or holiday!

For The Outdoors
Think swimming, boating, horseback riding and nature hikes. A park pass is a great gift for any little nature lover. Most of my childhood memories involve being outdoors and I want to be able to give my children those same memories instead of staying inside behind a screen.
If nature isn’t an option, a city pass would be just as enjoyable. Most major cities have attractions, restaurants and things to do for families. Do a little research and think about how much fun the children will have!

A Fun Day Out
If you’re wanting something quick that takes a little less effort, I’m going to suggest looking into ticket options for places like the movies, bowling, skating, bounce house or indoor park. You really cannot go wrong with any of these.

Fun & Educational
I know I mentioned gift ideas that result in more memories and “less stuff,” but I have to throw these in. Some people (like my family) want to give the kids things to unwrap, which is totally fine… so here are some suggestions. Educational kits like art sets, science experiments and creative kits all are great educational tools and a fun way to spend time together as a family. In our home, we absolutely love family game nights! My toddlers are finally getting the hang of taking turns and understanding how to play, so we’ve been playing them much more frequently. A few of our favorites include, Candy Land, Pop the Pig, Let’s Go Fishin’, Pie Face and Jenga.

Also, books! If all else fails or you’re in a time crunch, books always are welcomed.


A Mom Creating More Memories With Less Stuff

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Jenny Y

Love this article. Toys are wonderful, but memories are worth so much more.

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