Holiday Traditions

Holiday Traditions
December 07, 2018

I always love to hear what everyone does for the holidays.  Traditions that are both new and old and how they got started are always fun stories to talk about. I love how families can take things parents did as children and continue them on but also how they come up with new things to do.

In my family we have incorporated things that my husband and I did growing up. We buy an ornament for each child each year and that was something I did as a kid. When we got older we were allowed to pick out our own.  

From my husbands family we do a small toy or treat in the kiddos stocking every night starting December 1st. We also pick a holiday “item” and you are given that each year. My son is Reindeer and my daughter is snow globes.  

We also make cookies on Christmas Eve and we also buy Santa’s favorite store cookies :).  

We also have a tradition with our group of friends and we do a gift exchange for all of our kiddos a few weeks before Christmas. We get together and do jammies and look back on years past. It really is a fun and special event that the kids look forward to every year. 

I know many families do Elf on a Shelf (we may when our kiddos are older). I also know families that do St. Nicholas day and you leave your shoes out for St. Nick to fill them on St. Nicholas day.  

I think holiday traditions help make the magic of this time of year even more special. It helps you stay in the giving spirit but can also remind you how magical this time of year is especially for children! And there is nothing better than seeing the magic of Christmas through a child’s eyes. 

What traditions do you do with your family?

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