How To Celebrate Valentine's Day With The Kids

How To Celebrate Valentine's Day With The Kids
February 08, 2019

I think fun holidays allow us as parents to get creative and have fun through a child’s eyes. That’s why I wanted to share some ideas of fun activities you can do with your children to help celebrate the love that is Valentine’s Day!

What to do for kids for Valentines Day:

1. Cut hearts and everyday put a reason you love them. Hang it on their door or on garland. You can even do this between siblings and have them give reasons they love on another.

2. Have a date with your kids. Take them somewhere special, make a treat with them, do a fancy activity. I think it's important to show your kids how to spend quality time together.

3. Have them make Valentine’s Day cards for hospital patients or nursing home patients.

4. Show them how to pay it forward. Maybe have them help buy someone a treat at the local coffee shop or have them gift a $5 gift card to a neighbor.

5. Have the kids help bake a sweet treat for the local fire or police department.

6. This is a great time to do a post holiday sweet and see what toys can be given to kids in need.

7. Have the kids help you put together treats for the Post office, FedEx, & UPS delivery drivers.

8. Have the kids build or bring a stuffed animal to donate to the local children’s hospital.

I think all of these things can teach children different ways to show love and to give back! 

What are your favorite activities to do with your kids for Valentine’s Day?

XOXO, Gabbing Ginger [Lauren]

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