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How to Get Your Husband to Use Essential Oils

How to Get Your Husband to Use Essential Oils

Recently, my husband actually joined me in building out our doTERRA team and hosting classes. Our first class is Saturday morning and I'm SO NERVOUS, y'all! I know we'll rock it if we just remain our weird, authentic selves, but it's still got me feeling all weird and anxious. I'll be happy when ONE is under my belt, you know?

When Justin joined me in this journey, it got me thinking. I wonder how many husbands out there are not only NOT doing the business portion, but aren't using the oils too? Justin didn't use the essential oils for SO LONG and when I asked him why, point blank, he was a little bit baffled himself. He said, "I don't know, I guess I'm just used to reaching for drugstore medicine?"

I concurred. It took me a long time to start reaching for peppermint and PastTense for headaches; lemon and Breathe for congestion; grapefruit and bergamot for a pick-me-up. Now that I do, it's basically second nature but the question keeps nagging at me: how would I encourage another mama/wife to get their husbands or significant others in on this?

Here are the tips that came to mind. I hope they help!

1. Remember that everyone needs their own experience with oils to start believing in them.

Everyone needs a story. You know the kind: "The first time I used oils was when I was _____ and they helped me _____." For lots, it's that they helped them sleep, or have a healthier gut, or assisted in relieving chronic pain. The story usually has lots of backstory to it - they'd been struggling with something for YEARS and this was the ONLY THING in their lives that they'd found that truly worked.

So to get your husband believing they work, have patience. He needs to find that ONE THING that really impacts him and brings his curiosity out. For my husband, it was digestion. He has a really hard time digesting dairy, so we use DigestZen and its incredibly fast-acting properties kick in right away and he can move around again. His stomach pain can be debilitating. DigestZen showed him that there was a better way than pushing chemicals into his stomach so he could eat dairy now and then.

2. Use the oils for everything!

Transition your life, slowly but surely, over to purely natural, plant-based cleaners and household assistants, like hand wash and shampoo/conditioner. As you make this transition, be sure to explain to him exactly why you're doing what you're doing and why it's important that all of these amazing products are nontoxic and HEALTHY for your body.

In addition to all the chemicals we breathe in every day as soon as we leave our house, we're constantly putting all sorts of terrible things into our bloodstream simply through our shampoos, or dryer sheets (I learned that last week!), or hairspray. There are healthy alternatives for all of this, but your husband should know WHY you're making the switch so be sure to explain this to him. (Not like he's dumb! I'm sure he can pick this up on his own, but communication is ALWAYS good!)

3. Make sure he has his own oils.

Okay, so we recently bought the Amavi set for Father's Day and Justin LOVES it! He says it smells like sawdust. Kinda. I love seeing him carry around his rollerball (thanks to Justin for modeling that in the picture above!) and use it whenever he's feeling a little overwhelmed. He also uses the aftershave lotion that came in the set, cedarwood to sleep better, and Peace when he's getting stressed out. Those are just a few of the oils that have a more manly smell - but if you ask me, I don't think any of them are particularly girly. Remember: if your husband has his own set of oils, he might use them more often, so go out of your way to purchase some essential oils that are specifically made for men!

I hope these tips help! Keep in mind that this is just MY own experience; I'm no expert!

xoxo, Allie

PS. I don't recommend buying the oils directly through the website at retail. If you want to order some oils, we can always do it through my account so you get my 15% off discount.

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Megan K

Such good points. My hubby is still a bit skeptical of oils, but he does love diffusing them, and much prefers them to candles or synthetic sprays. Baby steps ;)

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