How To Make It Out Of The House With A Newborn

How To Make It Out Of The House With A Newborn

Being a new Mom is exciting. You have waited 9 months to have your bundle of joy. 

Yet, when you are trying to get your and your little baby out of the door, it can seem like a mammoth mission. Where once you would be able to grab your handbag and keys and stroll out the front door, it now takes twice as long, if not longer, due to the inevitable diaper blowout or outfit change needs. No matter how organized you are, you have probably realized that your baby knows when you are ready to step out and you can guarantee they will dirty their diaper or spit their milk up. 

Just know all moms have been there. This is completely normal and it will become easier. To help make this process more straightforward and to get your both out of the door easily here are some tips and tried and tested methods. 

Pack Your Changing Bag The Night Before

Preparing the night before, and ensuring everything you need is in your diaper bag saves you a job on the day. Not only that, it also provides you time on the day to enjoy your time with your little one and even do your hair! 

Check The Diaper Bag (Again) Before You Leave

No matter how organized you are the night before, it is always worth double checking you have everything you need. You don’t want to find yourself missing an essential item while you are out and about. 

Prepare The Outfits For Tomorrow

The key to successfully, and easily, being able to leave the house is to make it as stress-free as possible. Setting out yours and your baby’s clothes the night before, saves the mental process of deciding on an outfit and reduces the time needed for you both to get ready. 

Give Yourself Additional Time

Aiming to be ready 30 minutes before you actually need to leave, provides you with an instant buffer. Not only will you not get overwhelmed if things don’t quite go to plan and things take a little longer than expected, but if you find you are both ready you have built in some well deserved time for a drink or cuddle. 

Leave After A Diaper Change And A Feed

A dry bum and a full tummy is a winning combination for a content and happy baby. Let’s be honest, the happier they are, the more willing they are to cooperate. If you're lucky they may even take a little nap, making the whole process a lot more simple. 

Build Up Your Confidence Slowly

A lot of the time leaving the house with a small baby comes with gaining your own confidence. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. Starting off with short, low pressure, little trips is the best way to build this confidence. Getting out is the biggest achievement. The more you do it the easier and less overwhelming it becomes. 

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