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How to Treat a Baby's Sneezing and Stuffy Nose

How to Treat a Baby's Sneezing and Stuffy Nose
October 29, 2018

Babies are just miserable when they are ill. They are crying all the time, in a bad mood, they become clingy and become a mucus producing machine! A baby's nose might alternate between being blocked and being runny. I'm just going to briefly discuss what I have tried with my baby and what has worked. I'll be assuming this is a minor illness and that you have already seen the doctor, who told you it was just a viral infection and that they did not want to do anything about it.

Keep it simple!

Your doctor is probably right! There is unfortunately not much you can do to cure a viral infection and it will just go away after a few days. However, you can try and see how you can make your child comfortable through a bit of trial and error. Start with one way or by doing what you think might help and if it does not work, move to the next one.

Steamy baths:

Try to have steamy baths and help your baby spend some time in them with your support. Some people suggest buying a vaporizer, but I am not sure about that. There are people who previously suggested to me to us the vapor rub or something similar, but I would not do that. It's just another medication which I'm not sure how my daughter would react to and also, she would keep scratching her eyes and possibly transfer an infection to the baby.


If your child is losing fluid through mucus or snot, they will need it replaced. Also, water is best for making the snot easier to get rid of.

Try a nasal aspirator: (my favorite)

This was actually what made a bit of a difference with my baby. It was really difficult in the beginning but it got easier as she agreed to trust me and let me do it twice.

Saline nasal spray or drops:

Our doctor suggested we do this but I have not. We already had a great difficulty with the aspirator before so did not want to start all the fuss again. I also worried that overdoing it or perhaps doing it while the baby is resisting might cause pain or injury.

Seek help:

Obviously, you will need to seek help. A few signs to look for would be a high temperature depending on their age, if they develop new symptoms like a chesty cough, or if things are getting worse or not improving.

So this was my personal experience and tips on relieving a blocked nose in babies. What is your favorite method and what have you found effective in real life?

Photo by Jadell Films on Unsplash

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