I'm not the girl...

I'm not the girl...

I'm not the girl with the smallest waist. 

I'm not the girl with a perfect smile. 

I'm the girl with flaws that cover my body. 

I'm not the girl that I imagined I would become. 

I'm not the girl that I imagined would be inspiring others. 

I'm the girl with one of the saddest stories. 

I'm not the girl who puts up with disrespect. 

I'm not the girl who is liked most days by others. 

And all of this is OKAY. 

I'm the girl with a road map of achievements & accomplishments. 

I'm the girl who answers her phone every time. 

I'm the girl who drops everything for another. 

Half naked. 

That was today. 

& my soul sister needed me. 

So I dropped everything for her. 

In the middle of trying on bras. 

What should have been a quick phone call turned into a 30 minute chat. 

I'm not the girl that has everything in life figured out. 

I am the girl that always will fix her soul sister's crown when she needs it. 

True friendship is being there for one another during all the moments, not just the picture perfect ones. 

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Hello Friends, I am a mother of 3 beautiful children. My two boys are on the autism spectrum. Our family lives in Canada & one day I hope to travel to Africa. I am a lover of coffee & I enjoy spreading kindness to as many people as I cross paths with. I dabble in blogging but my calling in life is advocating for those who have no voice & need their story to be told.

I recently started homeschooling my 3 children which has been such a learning curve for myself.

I am working on being more self aware and making sure to self care as I live a busy life. Taking a break is important so you can always be your best self for your kids.

Can't wait to connect & I am so glad you are all ready to hear from me.

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