Kylie Jenner said to be pregnant again before the end of 2019

Kylie Jenner said to be pregnant again before the end of 2019

Kylie Jenner and rapper Travis Scott would allegedly love to have baby number two on the way before the end of the year. 

A source close to the young billionaire revealed to HollywoodLife that while the celebrity couple isn't actively trying yet, Kylie: "Would totally be okay if she happened to get pregnant soon. She has always said she’d love to get pregnant before 2019 is done, so nobody would be surprised if she was."

Rumours that Kylie is already pregnant again were spreading rapidly around the end of June. The cause for this was an apparent accidental pregnancy reveal in Khloé Kardashians Instagram Story. Fans thought that they caught Kylie saying: "I'm pregnant" in the background of an Insta story video showcasing the dessert at Khloé's birthday party. 

However, Kylie's representative was quick to debunk this rumour and declared that the voice being heard in the video was in fact, not Jenner. The clarifying e-mail from her publicist to Page Six additionally mentions that a future pregnancy however, is not out of the question: "If there is an announcement coming down the line, it was not made at last night's party." 

This statement leaves a lot of room for interpretation and subtly insinuates that the celeb could actually be expected to make an official announcement soon. 

The source close to the reality TV and social media star also said that: "Kylie thrives as a mother and would love to have baby no. 2 sooner, rather than later. She wants Stormi to have a sibling close to her age, and would love another girl so they could have a bond like she had with Kendall [Jenner] growing up."

Considering all of these events and statements, it is reasonable to conclude that Kylie Jenner will probably have baby number two on the way within the foreseeable future and we are already excited for it.

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