Life in Lockdown

Life in Lockdown

Lockdown life has certainly gotten the better of me recently.

Life has been hectic and all over the place. I feel like I’m the only person that isn’t sticking to some sort of normal routine with their kids, or homeschooling routine every weekday... life has become a big jumbled up mess for me honestly.

My kids finished school on March 20th after what would have usually been a normal school day. But instead, they had spent the day preparing to come home and not know when they were returning, when they would next see their teachers and their friends. For most kids this was probably super exciting, my children included. My kids are ten, seven, and almost six, they don’t understand the current situation fully, to them it started off feeling just like the summer holidays, and then things slowly changed.

For fifteen whole weeks we’ve now been at home together every day, spending every second of those days confined to the same four walls. I genuinely feel so trapped and so drained recently, drained despite the fact I’m doing less than I’ve done in a long time. I’m tired, exhausted even, of feeling this way, being stuck in a house that hasn’t ever really felt like home anyway, and not having the freedom I’m so used to having and missing normal life. 

We started lockdown life with a homeschooling schedule stuck to the lounge door, planning to stick to it and have full school days just in the comfort of our own home instead. Our schedule lasted a day and then it all went downhill from there. Home school three kids of different ages while trying to amuse a breastfeeding 18-month-old toddler just isn’t for me at all, that’s all I’m saying! Don’t get me wrong, we’ve done plenty, and also managed to get some bits of schoolwork done, but the schoolwork to game ratio is terribly low and definitely isn’t anywhere near as much as I know anyone else has been doing. 

My mental health has massively declined since the beginning of lockdown, and so schoolwork has been one of the issues I’ve focused on the least. Instead, we’ve focused on trying to stay happy, calm, and content. We’ve played, we’ve read, we’ve painted, we’ve drawn, we’ve baked, we’ve taken walks, and watched a million and one movies. We’ve had super amounts of fun--but it’s also been so hard! 

Lockdown life has been a major struggle, but I’m just proud to still be pushing on through for the best of everyone. We need to stay home, and stay safe! If anyone needs someone to talk to, please always reach out, someone is always there to listen. 

I hope you are all safe and well!

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Hey, I’m Shannon, I’m a Mom of 2 girls and 2 boys, currently 2 years into breastfeeding my youngest and am now a fully trained breastfeeding peer supporter. I’m 29 and live in the UK. I’m a lover of chocolate, cosy nights in bed, all things Halloween and a good book! I'm an Independent Scentsy Consultant and I absolutely adore what I do! 😁

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