Making New Years Resolutions a Family Venture

Making New Years Resolutions a Family Venture
December 19, 2018

It’s a time to think about what you’ve accomplished this year and what you hope to accomplish in the year to come….and that means New Year’s resolutions. Many of us set these goals year after year and yet find ourselves setting the same ones year after year after we let them fall by the wayside somewhere around February. Much as we love to blame our lack of motivation or lack of will power, the truth is that sticking to the goals we set is HARD. Even goals that seem like they “should” be easy…just aren’t.  

For many people (especially moms), the reason is that we set goals without really considering every piece of our lives. We set goals like we’re single, have no kids and endless money to spend when that is absolutely not true for most of us.

Think about it- as a mom, when I exercise, the foods that I eat, or how much time I have to plan healthy meals, is all affected by the rest of my family! I have, many a time, set an alarm to exercise in the morning only to be thwarted by a kid coming into my bed to cuddle. I’ve planned to buy groceries on the day one of my children feels sick. The reality is that for many families the same thing goes for our children. If one of your kids wants to find their way to a community center to be physically active they need an adult to drive them. Parents aren’t home? Guess you’re not going! We create our goals and resolutions that sound really really good when we make them but have little to no relevance to where we are in life and what our capabilities are.

So this year, as your families sit around the Christmas table or plan your New Years Eve activities ask everyone to write a list of their New Years Resolutions, just a couple of goals that each member wants to work on for the coming year. Then while everyone is sitting together discuss some ways that as a family you can support each other in achieving those goals!

It could mean creating a schedule with protected time for mom to go to the gym, or getting the kids more involved in kitchen prep to include more vegetables at dinner. It could mean re-arranging parent exercise times to allow the whole family to go to the community center together. No matter how big or small your goals are, or the details included for your family, it’s important to remember that all of our goals are easier to achieve when the whole family works together to achieve them!

Ahuva M Follow

I am a twin mom and Registered Dietitian with a pediatric based practice in Toronto with a focus on reducing picky eating, improving healthy eating in the context of food allergies and reducing meal time stress for parents!

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