Making The Back to School Transition of Being Apart from Each Other Easier on Us Moms and Our Kids

Making The Back to School Transition of Being Apart from Each Other Easier on Us Moms and Our Kids

This is the first year all my girls are in school. As much as I love a little alone time, a piece of my heart is missing. Thankfully, all my girls have always loved school and never had any separation anxiety. Recently though, my middle daughter told me how long the days are and how much she misses me. This is her first year of full day school, so that is to be expected. I wanted to find a way for her to know that I am always thinking about her, even when we are apart. What we started doing for her and my other daughters has been amazing in supporting them in their long days of school, and I wanted to share with other moms. 

The first thing that my girls have loved is I started writing little encouragement notes on their pencils that they can read them throughout the day. They can be as simple as “you are smart, you are special, you are kind, I love you, have a great day etc." My girls told me that it is always a fun surprise when they grab their pencil out of their desk! 

My favorite thing that we just bought are matching bracelets. Mine has a heart shaped decal that has the center of the heart cut out. My daughters bracelets have a heart decal that is the size of the cutout on my bracelet. When they miss me throughout they day or simply just look at it, they think of me and know that I am always with them. I found them on Amazon and they came with the little cards with the sweetest poem.

My youngest daughter just started preschool, and because I am a stay at home mom, she has always been with me. To prepare her for school, I bought this amazing book called The Invisible String. It is about how even when we aren’t around those we love, we are all still connected by our heart strings. It really helped my girls to always feel connected to me throughout the school day. It is a must read for kids and parents. Even for times they are missing grandparents or friends or anyone far away. 

Of course the traditional leaving a note in their lunch box is a great way to let your kids know you are thinking about them. I found these super cute “lunchbox notes” on Amazon that make the notes a little bit more fun for the kids. Also, they make it easier for us moms, to quickly write a note if we forgot and realize as we are rushing out the door in the mornings! I will admit I am guilty of that a few times a week. 

Back to school is definitely a transition for moms and kids alike, but I hope these simple ideas can make it a little bit easier. 

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I am married to my best friend and a mother of 3 girls. I love sharing the ups and downs of motherhood, and am completely transparent, even the not so glamorous side of things. I feel that moms need a community to support us through this amazingly beautiful but sometimes extremely hard journey. I want to laugh, cry and commiserate together. I am laughing or smiling most of the time. I am not reserved or quiet. I might be too much for some but I am finally happy with who I am. I don’t want to pretend to be less than I am, and I am raising my daughters to be exactly who they are with confidence. Working out and fitness is a huge part of my life and I am leading by example for my girls to take charge of their health. Traveling the world one trip at a time.

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