How to manage your time efficiently

How to manage your time efficiently

I often have people ask me how I manage my time and succeed at doing it all. 

Let's first be clear that we each have our own strengths and capacities. We each walk through different seasons of life that change how we manage things and we each have our own methods that help keep us on track. What works for me won't necessarily work for everyone but each tactic is worth trying.

I want to share just a few ideas you can try:

1. Time blocking 

Set apart 2-4 chunks of time to get certain work projects completed

2. Pamodoro Method

Set a timer for 25 minutes and get as much work done in that time and then take a 5 minutes break. Repeat this process for 6 sets.

3. Write down 7 things at bedtime that you want to accomplish the next day and fit those things in throughout your day and cross them off your list.

What I've learned best is to be less stressed. So when stressful situations seem to come up, I try and eliminate the unnecessary tasks and keep my highest priority items at the forefront. Because that is what it really boils down to- what are your priorities? Does how you spend your time reflect what is most important to you in life?

Begin to take inventory of where your time is being spent. Is it lost in many distractions? Do you leave time for just rest and "existing", because that is important and totally valid too.

I personally don't want to get caught up in cleaning and preparing food all day. So, we "graze" and just snack most of the day until dinner. I like to wake up early and head to bed early so I can capitalize on my time. I want to have a lot of downtime sprinkled throughout my day to just enjoy my children. I want to create work time since I work from home. 

Create a list of all the things you want to accomplish each day. The things that REALLY matter to you. And then find a system that works to accomplish those things. And hey, if you don't, remember to have grace with yourself. Whatever you didn't get done, can wait for tomorrow. It'll be okay.

Meghan Joy Y Follow

Meghan Yancy lives in Minnesota with her husband and their 6 children. Along with homeschooling, they run multiple businesses from home and love hiking and frequent dance parties!

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