Manifesting the New Year: A Hokey Pokey Tradition

Manifesting the New Year: A Hokey Pokey Tradition
December 27, 2018

As the year is rounding out, our Christmas hangovers are clearing and that itch of the New Years Resolution bug is settling in our ears.

Maybe you are a tried and true resolution type, or maybe you want a re-do on this year's resolution. Or maybe you are figuring out what your resolution making strategy looks like?

It took me a while to figure out where I really found my success and celebration with "New Years Resolutions." A Strategy I could celebrate and be proud of. I am a total manifest your destiny type. So here is my "hokey pokey " New Year's Resolution tradition that I swear by. 


I usually do this at some point before midnight. Just make sure it's all done before the big count down! Start with truly reflecting on your last year. Write down 5 things you want to let go of from this year, in the coming year. Any thing weighing heavy on your spirit and heart. Big or Small! Mine have included things like grief after loss of a loved one, that "failure" to do, be, or accomplish something, resentments, things I cannot control but let weigh me down. That one comment, or judgmental look you couldn't let go of all year. You get the idea, set yourself free! 

Now take the time to really focus on 5 things you want to accomplish, bring into fruition, improve upon, or even try! The key is to really focus on your true desires, goals, and dreams for the coming year. So keep your self talk positive. Even if you don't know how you will accomplish something on your list if it makes your top 5, and is singing to your heart write it down! That's what manifesting is all about!

Are you ready for the "Hokey?" 

I want you to take the list of 5 things you want to let go of fold it up, and you are going to burn it! Remember safety first! Maybe in a indoor or outdoor fireplace, somewhere you can peacefully watch the paper disappear and burn away into the night. Take a deep breath, use this as a symbolic experience for yourself. These things are physically leaving you and being burned away. They will no longer burden you in the coming year. Soak that in.

Now fold up the 5 things you desire in the coming year, make sure you write the year on it so you can reflect. Place it somewhere that's part of your daily routine. This could be a nightstand, makeup bag, journal, planner, next to your bathroom mirror. Any where you are going to see it each day. You want it to serve as a visual reminder of your intentions for your New Year, and occasionally reflect on your progress. 

As the New Year is upon you in the coming year, you will take the list out and I promise you, you will be truly amazed at the things you accomplished on your list. If not all of them. 

I have done this for 5 years in a row, the fun is the journey of how each thing comes into your reality. When I reflect on a rough goal that I wrote down but wasn't sure how I was going to get there. Then suddenly I'm celebrating and seeing the accomplishment in the end. It is truly amazing what happens when we intentionally set our minds in the right place. 

Then on the latter note, the things I felt lighter of that year just by allowing myself to let go of that negative thought, feeling, or weighing on my mind and heart. 

"The Secret of Change is to focus not all your energy on fighting the old, but on building the new." -Socrates

As Mothers I hope your New Year is full of the reflection of the amazing women you are and you can enjoy this fun New Years tradition just as much as I have as my family has grown and the years have blown by. 

Happy New Years Mommas! 

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I am a toddler mom, married to my high school sweetheart. A stylist, salon business coach and manager turned stay at home mom after the birth of my identical twin boys who joined our family 2 weeks after my first born turned 2! I fell in love with coaching women to reach their full potential in business and beauty. After entering into motherhood I fell in love with the true capacity for which women have as mothers, and leaders in their new titles as "moms". I want every mother to feel their worth, through the grit, the joy and everything in between.

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