Me, Myself and My Mini Me

Me, Myself and My Mini Me

The first time we laid eyes on our daughter, I  immediately noticed that her facial features were very similar to mine.  She looked exactly like me, in fact. This didn’t escape the attention of  anyone else, and since that day, people have commented that our  two-year-old and I are mirror images of each other. I see a lot of my  husband in her, but to the casual observer, it looks like I have my own,  personal Mini-Me.

I am an identical twin, so  you’d think I’d be used to remarks about how much my daughter and I look  alike, but I find myself stumped on how to respond to the comments of  well-meaning strangers. I used to reply with the honest truth: “She  really does look like me. It creeps me out!”

This was usually met with a forced smile that said clearly I was the Worst Mother Ever. It is a little disconcerting to have a tiny version of yourself around, but perhaps “creepy” is too strong a word.

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Hi, I'm Gabriella. Mama to 3 kids and married to my high school sweetheart, Jake! My toddler drives me to the brink of insanity but coffee helps me survive :)! I try catching up on some reading after putting my kids to bed. I am also a big time foodie. You can check out my posts for recipes, fashion tips, mom hacks and more. I'm here to share my journey, become a part of yours and learn from everyone's experiences :)

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