Minivan Mom

Minivan Mom
January 04, 2018

In a younger, less chaotic, less sticky, and zero children lifetime, I swore up and down that I would never get a minivan. I hated the idea of the stigma that came along with driving that mammoth of a vehicle; children screaming and crying in the back, my hair a mess, food and wrappers everywhere, some kind of liquid or mucus staining my clothes, toys lying on the floor, bags under my eyes, and old sippy cups hiding under seats. Well, I can undoubtedly say that having children has given me that lifestyle, not owning a minivan. As soon as we installed that second car seat I knew a minivan was in my future, and as my children, their car seats, and the diaper bag grew, it was the logical choice. Even though I have only owned a minivan for a few months it has made life so much easier; let me tell you why.

1) Those Doors! It is so nice to click a button and voila, doors slide open and children can easily climb in on their own. Not to mention I no longer have to worry about them swinging open and damaging an $800 tail light (yes that happened and it still hurts).

2) The space is almost endless! I can easily fit my girls car seats and still carry 4 other passengers. Plus a double stroller, a month full of groceries, a pack n’ play, a suitcase, toys, a diaper bag, everything!

3) It isn’t that hard to drive! I was petrified to have to drive a big ‘ol van around, but I easily manage. Sure parking the first couple of times wasn’t that great, but I got better, and those sliding doors were great in the tight places I created.

4) It’s made for children. I didn’t even realize all the amazing features it has until we had it for a couple days. There are built in window shades, a million cup holders (for all those sippy cups that end up reappearing), and a DVD player for those long car rides. My girls love this car. And that isn’t even all of the features these awesome vehicles come with!

Honestly, I love this car, but I’m also looking forward to the day I can get back into an SUV. But until then this is my minivan mom vow:

I do solemnly swear to embrace all minivan mom stereotypes and stigmas. I promise to arrive at the school pickup/drop off slightly late, with my hair in a messy bun, shirt adorned with some kind of stain, yoga pants, while desperately clutching coffee that is most likely cold. I will always be prepared and have snacks, wipes, drinks, and toys in the car… until the one time I really need them but unfortunately will have drained my entire stash. And at that point I will be the mother riding around with the windows down jamming to some late 90s early 2000s music while ignoring my children as they scream and cry in the backseat for no good reason. The floor and car seats will have crumbs, wrappers, stains, and sticky spots. The DVD player will be on repeat, and the windows decorated with fingerprints. I vow to uphold the lifestyle of a minivan mom and simply say screw you to anyone who tries to judge me!

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Hello, my name is Maggie I am 27 years old with a degree in Elementary Education, but right now I am enjoying the sweet and busy life as a SAHM. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 4 years and together we have welcomed two little girls into the world. Our first
daughter, Ryann, was born February 2014, and our second daughter Kennedy was born March 2016. This past summer we moved into our forever home that we plan to renovate into our own. I hope you enjoy the motherhood moments I share!

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