Mom Guilt x 2

Mom Guilt x 2

You would think, I would know how to better deal with mom guilt the second go-around. But different baby, different story.

If you don’t know, my oldest was a VERY colicky baby. He cried for HOURS a day for months straight. Dropping him off was such a relief to me that the mom guilt didn’t set in until I picked him up, then he would cry and I would remember I needed a break for my sanity.

This go-around I have a SUPER easygoing baby…. but she doesn't like to take a bottle. This fact makes getting work done a bit of a challenge. We don’t have family close by that have the ability to help, and I need a break some times to focus on work tasks. BUT MAN, the mom guilt for drop-off is real. It got easy quickly because she now smiles at the daycare ladies and loves being with them. She still isn’t a big bottle fan, but I try to fill her belly right before drop-off and I don't leave her for more than 2 hours. 

I also started to have guilt with spreading my time between two kids and feeling like I was not doing enough. Pinterest mom fail if you will. But I remind myself that my kids won't remember every Pinterest craft. They will remember running around in the backyard and throwing rocks in the pond. Quality time is what is important and if trying to find crafts on Pinterest stresses me out, I just don’t do it because the kids read into that stress! 

I think accepting that it is okay to HAVE mom guilt is the first step. You feel that way because you love your kid(s). Then, the second step is to find ways to reduce it with positive self-talk.  And also, try not to allow guilt to set in for unreasonable things (like not doing 20 crafts a day)!

So, with all of that being said, give yourself grace mama. You are doing a great job. Keep on keepin’ on!

XOXO, Lauren @ GabbingGinger

Photo credit: felicity suzanne photography

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