Mom Tribe

Mom Tribe

As moms, I think it is so important to find your mom tribe. I am not talking about the friends you have had forever. I am talking about moms with kids who are similar ages to yours. These moms are the friends that will go through the ebbs and the flows of parenting at the same time as you.

These are the ones you can be the most real with. Telling them when your toddler is driving you mad or when the baby just won't stop crying. They will be there to encourage you and also to sympathize with you.

They will be the ones you turn to for advice because you know they have been in the thick of it too and REAL advice is irreplaceable.  

They will be the ones that will meet you for a playdate, so you can “just get out of the house.” They will be the ones you laugh with, have a drink with, go out with. And when you go out with them, you will still talk about your kids and they won't care because they will too. Your life is mess, fun and exhausting, and they will walk side by side with you on that journey.

Your mom tribe will keep you sane. They will lift you up. They will help you remember that you were a person before you were a mom, but being a mom helped shape you into who you are now!

Find your tribe and keep them close. It is never too late to find this group! Go to the library, go to Chick-fil-A, go to swimming lessons. Introduce yourself. The worst thing that could happen is you meet someone who is a familiar face—and the best thing that could happen is you meet a friend that will last a lifetime!

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HI! I am Lauren at the Gabbing Ginger and I'm a thirty something mom gabbing about life. I enjoy warm weather over cold, I believe leopard is a neutral print and I am an introverted extrovert.  I love gabbing about family, fashion, fitness, and fun!  I am married to a CPA/CFO and we have a toddler named Tripp and a new baby girl Annabelle! My passion is writing and taking photos of everyday life and documenting my experiences to help others!

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